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What my clients say:

"My first reading blew me away.......The reading was so fantastic I left the room crying" - Jo

"$50 never so well spent. The future does not seem like such a scary place anymore" - Vicki

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About Me and My Readings:

I started doing psychic readings 10 years ago. I discovered by accident that I could do them by picking up a friend's watch and then telling them things that they had not told me before. I found out later that doing psychic readings in this way is called Psychometry. I realized that in a small way I had been doing this for a long time without realizing what I was doing. Over the years I had told people things with them then asking: "how did you know that?" I said it just popped into my head. I had no idea that I was actually tuning into their energy field.

Since I started tuning into that energy field on purpose, I find I have a gift for it. I have moved ahead in leaps and bounds and have been doing many of the psychic expos in Tasmania and Melbourne, for the most part being booked out at each one.

Someone asked me to test my skills on photos. I took the photo offered and found that I had no problems tuning into it and did a really accurate reading. I have now been doing photo readings for people around Australia and the United States for the last 7 years. As long as I can see the eyes and face clearly, it doesn't matter how old the photo is.

I have also done phone readings and over the last 10 years I have found that I can just tune in any time that I put my mind to it. It doesn't matter where the person is or what the means of communication - in person, by phone or via email - whether someone sends me a question or they are sitting in front of me.

I have been getting better each year and find that this is as easy for me as breathing. I have always been a person that people come to talk to and now I can use that skill to do what I love the most.

I get so much out of doing readings. I have extreme pleasure in people coming to me with problems and questions and then leaving saying that "they feel so much better and have something to look forward to".

I look forward to helping YOU with any questions that you may have.

Client Testimonials :

Over the years I have had much feed back from people I have done readings for and all of it has been positive. Here are just 2 examples:

In August 2005 I had my first ever, psychic reading. Always being bit of a skeptic about this sort of thing, I had no idea of what to expect. So without any preparation and without considering what it was I wanted to know or what I should take with me I sat down with Zann for what I thought would be bit of a hit and miss session.

I could not have been more wrong, or more surprised. Right from the start Zann was able to clarify thoughts and feelings that I had, but had never really acknowledged or accepted.

The reading was not only about me; it included my family and the people around me. It gave me peace of mind and some direction, I wont be making any changes to try to make the future happen, but I will go into my future with confidence to take those risks that I might have otherwise avoided.

Forty- five minutes never went so fast and $50 never so well spent. The future does not seem like such a scary place anymore.


I have known Zann for about 5yrs. My first reading blew me away. Zann channelled my father and I rec'd words from him. The reading was so fantastic I left the room crying.

I continued to have a reading with Zann every year since and she never ceases to amaze me.

I have organised afternoons with my friends to have Readings and they cannot praise her enough. Zann is amazing! After some of the readings, I came away wondering how did you know that, there is no way you could have known that. Some of the things she has advised have happened. I am only 36 so plenty of time yet to see if the rest prevails.

Zann has also done readings for my mother and said she would marry the man she was with, and this year she will be doing exactly that.

Zann is a beautiful person with a great gift. I will continue to get readings from her.


My Ethos:

I have had many people ask me if I make things up about the people I do readings for. I am not able to do that. If I draw a blank, I will tell the person straight out and just tell them that I am not able to do a reading for them.

I find even thinking about lying to people very stressful. It is not in me to be that kind of person.

I love doing readings for people, as I feel it is my way of giving back to the world. It is a gift, which brings clarity, peace and happiness to the various people I have had the pleasure of doing readings for.

That alone is worth being here for.

PSYCHIC Readings:

Whilst doing a reading, I will tune into YOU and pick up on your personal vibrations. What I get are emotions, images and words. I hear sounds and the voices of your angels or guides (clairaudience) who help me to do the readings.


All readings and consultations are unique and individually prepared for you. 

Ordering is via a secure on-line order form, where payment details are encrypted before sending via the internet.

You will be sent notification via email, when your reading is ready along with a link and password to access your reading online. However, a printed reading can be sent to you via standard mail if you prefer - see order form for more details. 

Reading - Frequently Asked Questions

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