Love always must first begin within your home.

Love is showing respect, and gentle kindness and treating all within your home with dignity.

Love is like a ripple, it begins to slowly spread like a ripple on the lake, whatever is in the home is reflected in the way that your children and family treat everyone that they come into contact with.

Love is gentle, and it does not force another to do its bidding, does not show itself by its actions to be violent, or revengeful.

Love in the home is what builds all societies. What is in the heart is moulded by what is in the home. If a society lacks love and respect it turns fast into a violent and disempowered society incapable of love and tolerance.

Love in this world must first start in the home, in a family, in a clan, a tribe, a group.

Love - when it is shown to all within the home, leads to a loving society.

Love rejoices in education, of learning, of freedom and of true equality between men and women, and reflected in the way that a woman is treated within a society or religion shows whether that is built of love or not.

The truth of a belief reflects in that belief and how it treats all women everywhere.

God is love, if a faith is of God then it is firmly based in love in every action and words of the Holy Book, the teachings and actions of all whom follow it.

Gabrielle Crofts Copyright 2011.

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