I speak to you, of the Poor, the sick, the elderly and the youth. The poor are too numerous to count in many countries of the world. You may feel overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the poor.

To give to charities may salve your conscience for a short time, but the alms rarely meet the intended recipient.

Instead, look to your left and look to your right. Observe around you, your neighbours. Do they need your help?. They may not need your money, but are they sad and lonely. Are they sick and need your help in small ways.

Help the people who live closest to you first. You will make the world a better place by doing small gestures of love, well.

Give to the poor a blanket or a meal. Perhaps, even your time. If you are able, give them a job so that they can earn their own living with dignity and self respect.

The most important is to give to the poor, your compassion and your love.

Respect and care for the elderly, treat them with dignity. Do not take from them unfairly, their assets or their freedom.

The world today has forgotten to remember to love the poor, for they are worthy souls.

Remind your Governments that they have the duty and the responsibility to protect the poor and those in need. Do not allow your governments to avoid their responsibility to protect the people of their lands. Encourage your government to use the country's resources wisely and equitably.

The poor, the sick, the elderly and the youth must not be forgotten .

Governments must not avoid their duty to the people. Remind them of their duty as you exercise your vote at elections. A government without feeling and love for the poor is a Government that is not to be trusted. Remember the actions of past governments from around the world. Do not allow your own government to follow their lead and make the same mistakes. Write to your representative in government and remember that the power of people can make a difference.

I say to you, begin your kindness at home. Treat those around you that you meet each day with politeness and respect. Love the poor, the sick and the helpless. Spend one hour to begin with, to make the life of someone that is close to you happier. Notice the difference it will create in your life.

Forgive your hurts. Treat your family with love and respect. Reconnect with your family if you are able, for time does heal all heart's. Be prepared to begin again.

God will remember.

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