Make your lives a meaningful experience. Each of you has been given your life here upon earth from God. Each day, try to live that day a little happier than the day before. Learn to examine your words and your actions to make sense and purpose of your life. Look closely at the lessons that you have been sent in his life. What have you allowed yourself to learn from your experiences?

Strive to make the best of your intellect that God gave you. You have talents and skills that make you a unique person in your own right. Accept in your lives what has been, if you cannot change events from your life from your past. Look forward to the future days ahead. Make goals that are realistic for you to achieve and stick to them as best that you can.

Be honest with God and yourself. Judge not your successes by those of others successes, but rejoice in your own successes.

Seek not perfection in your lives, but seek to be content.

Do not give in to failures, for they are tests sent from Heaven. Learn from them.

Aim to do the best that you can do, but be gentle on yourself. There are no fast solutions in this world, only learning experiences.

Be happy and know that the Lord Your God loves you. You are never alone, for He is with you.

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