Seek not to blur and dull the pain in your hearts, with chemicals and drugs. Instead examine your heart and hand all of your sadness, your pain, loneliness, disappointments and your triumphs back to the Lord your God.

You are not alone. Your Angels walk beside you from your first breath that you take, until your last breath, as you leave this world.

Your Angels are sent from God to help support you and guide you in all that you do.

To those who exploit their fellow mankind, supplying deadly and addictive drugs for profits, I give to you a final warning. STOP what you are doing now.

I, Michael shall meet you, as you stand before the judgment of God, Your Father, when you have departed this life. I shall open the book of souls and in the book shall be an account of how you have spent your life. I shall speak to God of your deeds. God Your Father in Heaven shall sit in Judgment upon you. Your sins will be remembered and you shall be made to account for your deeds that you have done in this life on earth.

You may escape judgment by man on this world, but you will not escape judgment by the Lord Your God. Justice will be done.

For every deed that you do, which destroys the life of another, your sins will be remembered. This I promise you.

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