I speak to you, to bring you a message of love. The world in which each of you exist faces many changes , and many trials to come.

Search for inner peace in your heart and your soul, but look not to false prophets and self proclaimed ascended masters. Look to God for your answers, ask God for guidance and trust in His love.

Each of you are loved and precious in God's loving heart. He remembers your name, and those of your loved ones. He will not forget you or abandon you in your hour of need.

Open up your heart, and when he speaks to you in your heart do not turn from Him.

The path to enlightenment of your soul does not come from the pursuit of worldly gain. It comes not from adherence to strict and controlling rituals which are man made. Do not believe that certain prayers repeated over and over again are important for they are not. When you speak to God, speak to Him from your heart and in your own words. God seeks not to control men, or women. Avoid religions and rituals which control and restrict your freedoms. Give to no man or woman, control over your life here on earth, for the Lord Your God is the only power over your life and your entrance to Heaven.

Spend meaningful time in your waking moments, seeking truth and giving unconditional love. Seek not to fill your purse with gold, but fill your hearts with love. Be content with what you can achieve and forgive yourself for your failures.

Treat all that you meet with unconditional love that seeks not to judge. Accept your fellow human -being with dignity and respect.

God does not want to see you poor and downtrodden in your lives. Seek to become the person that you want to be, but remember to treat yourself gently. The Lord your God watches over you, each breath that you take, each step that you make and He treats you gently.

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