The year that John and I married was 1986 and I was visited by a murdered woman, that the Police still to this day have not proved who her killer was. The experience was terrifying to begin with in that she would not take no for an answer. Then again neither do I, so I suppose that she thought fair is fair. She would not stop bugging me until I had given her my word that I would go to the police and give them her messages.

"Yeah, right" I thought. Like they will really listen. I expected the men in the white coats to roll up any time I thought to myself. As it turned out, the information that I picked up was amazing even for me.

The detective that came to visit me was not too happy because I had dragged him away from a barbecue to see me with the message.

After I spoke to the detective at length, he told me that he did not believe my story that I was a psychic. I laughed, thinking that he was joking. Deadly serious, he said that he thought that I knew the killer, or had been there during the murder and was trying to either protect myself or the killer. I asked him why he could be so stupid as to think such a crazy thing. He replied that the amount of knowledge that I had about the murder and the way that the injuries were inflicted, together with the accuracy of the information that I gave him (which was unreported to the public) made him think that I was a witness to the crime. So, I told him to contact certain police officers who I knew and to ask them about me.

I told the detective, who I will call Dan and who has since retired, that there was going to be a serial killer strike Perth that would make the moors murderers look like Mary Poppins in comparison.

He took me on a car trip around the local area where the woman's body was found. Before I had left my apartment that John and I shared together I had picked up psychically all the different things that would be clearly seen by us - I had only recently moved into the area and did not know the geography of the area.

As the detective and John and I drove around the area, one by one the predicted things fell into place. A woman with a child in a pram stood behind a short, chicken wire type front fence and was joined by a man. The number plates of all the cars around the street either added up to or had seven as the number on the car registration plate. A car that I had seen was parked around the corner. The window was one of the type that were on old cars that were hand wound . My husbands jaw dropped and his initial doubts as to my sanity and my abilities vanished.

I picked up the names David and the surnames sounded like or were a combination of Burn, Bird and Birdie. I also picked up the strong smell of old dirty oil, and I could see a mechanics uniform and dirty big boots, I could also see there were a lot of car wrecks around him. I could also see a car crusher which I believe was symbolic of a used car wreckers .

Each night for six months I dreamt of the murderer's face, with a prominent nose and Adam's apple at the throat. For six months I begged the detective to listen as more women went missing. I told the detective that the only way that they would catch the killer was that the last girl would get away. This is what actually eventuated. When David Birnie and his wife were arrested, the first photograph that I saw was the same man that had haunted my dreams for such a long time and no one would take me seriously. 

Two weeks before the Birnies were caught, my husband's cousin Cathy asked me about the missing women and I turned to her and said, "there will be four bodies in shallow graves up Wanneroo way". My husband's family all thought that I was mad and were very sceptical. I was to prove to them later how accurate my psychic abilities and mediumship really is.

I remember warning a friend of mine to tell her sister not to hitchhike to university. Later, it turned out that the sister had been offered a lift by the Birnies and had refused. This saved her life.