A woman and her three young children were brutally slaughtered in Geraldton. I had refused to read the newspapers or watch the television because initially I did not want to know about it. I thought that by ignoring it, that it would go away. WRONG. The murdered woman appeared to me and asked me to find her killer. Here we go again, I thought.

A woman that I knew kept asking me things about the murder before anything was known or reported in the Media and I would tell her what I was picking up. In the end, she phoned a journalist that she knew at work. He was surprised to get a call, as he and his producer had only a half an hour before been saying that they were amazed no clairvoyant had contacted them. He phoned us back and arranged for myself and the woman to be flown by private charter jet to Geraldton, accompanied by the journalist and film and sound crew.

We took off in the aeroplane and headed for Geraldton. All the way in the plane I kept picking up a name Allen. I told the journalist and he said that he would check it out. We arrived at Geraldton airport and hired a car to get to the house where the murdered family were found. I walked around the outside of the house and discovered a ute outside with a school bag that had written ALLEN on it. I was confused as the family had been referred to as the Mackenzie family. This "Allen" was the name that I had picked up in the plane and none of the journalists had heard of it. We found out later that the children's surnames were Allen.

The studio linked up with a live coverage interview with the studios in Perth. I was asked to speak to the mother of the murdered woman as well as her sister. I gave them certain messages that I received from the murdered woman live on air. I was not able to see the women in the Perth studio and I had only a small ear piece and so could barely hear the anchor man anyway. I picked up the boy who was murdered, who was wearing a rabbit suit, she burst into tears and informed the audience that he wore this suit to entertain them at their last get together. I also told the women of things that her daughter and she had spoken of before her death.

Channel Nine asked me to go back again the following Monday which thankfully was OK. I met the family and was allowed by them into the house where the killings occurred. As a mother, I was deeply affected by the experience.

I was contacted upon my return by a detective I will name Mac. I met him heaps of times and told him that the killers name was William or Bill and that his name sounded like Mickel or Michael something. I also picked up that he had lived in the house in the previous few months and left.

I told the detective that they had to go back in the house and redo the forensics. He scoffed at me and told me that it would cost too much money. I said fine, then I will tell the media. I told him that there was one single fingerprint on the back of a door that would solve the evidence needed to prove who did it.

The police did go back and found the single thumb print on the back of the bathroom door. I also told the detective that he was a local boy and would shortly leave Geraldton to start a new job on a farm. Shortly after the killer did in fact do this.