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Get your first 10 minutes* from only 59c/min by calling our operators on 1800 985 301 then pay from AUD$2.73/min for credit/debit card callers.

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Call using your phone bill on
1902 255 300 at AUD$4.95/min inc GST, mobiles & payphones more. Callers must be 18+ to use this service, provided by StreamLive.

UK & International callers, phone on +44 1635 000 889 from 29p/min for the first 10 minutes (new customers only), then from 99p/min.

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*The reduced price offer is only available to new customers paying by credit/debit card. A new customer is defined as a new customer of Stream Live Ltd or any associated partner such as The Circle. The offer is not available on calls paid on your phone bill. Your first ten minutes will be billed at the reduced rate advertised per minute thereafter you will pay the standard rate per minute.

Psychics & Psychic Readings

Psychic Tests

There are many ways to "test" psychic ability or psychic power, however most tests rely on statistical analysis to prove that a person has psychic ability.

For example: a simple psychic test is to blindfold the person to be tested and have them predict the turn of a card. There is a known number of possibilities for the cards and typically a person will guess some of them right. Statistically there will be an average number of correct "guesses" and therefore testing a person with psychic abilities should produce results which are greater than this figure.

It is unlikely that a psychic will predict every card successfully but depending upon their particular abilities, they should be able to do far better than "average".

Other psychic tests are often more subjective - testing a psychic through the process of them doing a psychic reading depends on a subjective evaluation of the reading outcome. When the reading is predicting the future in some way, then it is not possible to evaluate the reading until the events take place (or not).

The person doing the testing also influences the outcome of the reading. In order for a true psychic connection, the tester needs to be open and allow the reader to make a psychic connection. It is very difficult to read for a person who does not give permission to the reader for the connection to be made. Whether they are in the same physical place or not.

Psychic ability does not need the person to be present, but if they are then the demeanour and behaviour of the tester may influence the reading. A person who is sceptical will get a different outcome to someone who believes it is possible to psychically connect. The outcome from this type of testing is therefore very subjective.

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