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Psychics & Psychic Readings

Psychic Reading

What is a Psychic Reading?

Psychic readings mean different things to different people. Ask a tarot reader and you'll get one answer, ask a psychic medium - you'll get another and a clairvoyant will give you a different picture again. They are all using some form of psychic ability but how it works will vary for each of them.

A clairvoyant is using their ability to psychically connect with a client and/or spiritual guides and channel information. They are called clairvoyant because information is conveyed through vision - they are literally seeing an image in their mind's eye of a moment in time. This may be the past, present or the future. They may see the person that they are reading for in a particular situation and they can describe it as if they are viewing a picture or film of it.

An example of this is from a reading that I had once with a gifted Clairvoyant who described me sitting at a desk with scaffold and worksheets in the background (the office where I worked was undergoing building work at the time). She went on to tell me about a concern with a parcel, something about a bomb, and not to worry because it would be alright! This was at a time when there were frequent bomb scares due to IRA activity and the office that I worked in had already had a few hoax bomb scares. I assumed that it was related to that at the time. However a couple of weeks later, I got a message from security to tell me someone had left a parcel for me, they left no name and had hand delivered it during the night. I wasn't expecting anything and it was certainly outside of normal postal deliveries, so with the "warning" in the back of my mind I was slightly concerned to say the least. So, with the assistance of security - we tentatively opened a corner of the package, expecting at any moment to be ducking for cover. It turned out to be an innocent mis-communication from a colleague working overseas, who had organised for someone to drop off their home mail for me to take with me when I visited them! All the facts that had been provided in the reading were quite true, but the clairvoyant had obviously stopped before she got to the bit with us rolling around the floor laughing!

Clairvoyance is perhaps the psychic ability that most people expect in a reading, however Clairaudience and Clairsentience are often used as a means to channel information. A Clairaudient will hear messages or information, often as clearly as if it is spoken to them. Readings with a clairaudient are usually fast and direct as they literally mouth the words coming into their head. A Clairsentient uses empathic abilities through feelings - they experience the feeling of a situation, the emotions that are felt by the querent and those around them. Using this ability alone does not always give very precise facts, but clairsentience does provide a deeper understanding of what is going on beneath the surface.

It is quite common for combinations of these abilities to be used together in a reading and each reader will have varying levels of ability in each aspect.

For tarot readings, the above abilities are usually used in conjunction with an interpretation of a spread of tarot cards. The cards have set meanings but the reader is also using their other psychic abilities to receive information, whether they are seeing specific images or situations in their mind's eye, hearing certain words or getting feelings or emotions from the cards. The tarot cards are used to help the querent with specific questions or as an aide to assist the flow of information that is being channelled psychically.

The tarot is a tool used to assist a psychic's abilities, just as are crystall balls, runes and other divination devices. The body can provide further information - palmistry reads the lines on your hand, iridology through the eyes, etc.. There is still more information that can be determined from the date of birth such as with Numerology and Astrology.

A psychic medium provides yet a different kind of reading. Their speciality is to channel information from the spirits of deceased people. Their means of receiving information is still through either their clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience but the connection is to the spirits of the departed. They are sometimes referred to as platform psychics or platform mediums and may advertise their services as crossing over readings. Prominent examples of these are depicted in TV programmes such as the "Ghost Whisperer" and celebrity status follows such psychic mediums eg John Edwards or James Van Praagh.

Now, if you are ready to try out a psychic reader for yourself - there are pyschics online now - see the sidebar on the left for more information.

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