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Psychic Medium

A Psychic Medium uses their abilities to channel messages from the spirits of deceased persons. They are essentially the "medium" through which information passes from a departed to soul to someone that they are trying to contact. This is not an exact "science" or spiritual "art" as messages are not always clear and may be using symbols to express an idea (think of playing a game of charades). To some extent this depends on the predominant sense of the Psychic Medium - if it is sound (as in clairaudient) then they are likely to hear the message and will be able to relay it as it is "spoken" to them. However, when vision is the main medium (i.e. clairvoyance) then the message may come as a series of images and the Medium has then to interpret them.

Sometimes also called Platform Medium, which is when they work to audience and channel messages given to them for individuals in a spiritual gathering.

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