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Numerology of celebrities

Numerology provides an insight into people's personalities and the following examples of celebrities are listed here as an aid for the study of numerology:


Peter Garrett - born April 16th, 1953

View numerology for Peter Garrett

Angelina Jolie - born June 4th, 1975

View numerology for Angelina Jolie

Hugh Jackman - born December 10th, 1968

View numerology for Hugh Jackman

Nicole Kidman - born June 20th, 1967

View numerology for Nicole Kidman

Brad Pitt - born December 18th, 1963

View numerology for Brad Pitt

Britney Spears - born December 2nd, 1981

View numerology for Britney Spears


View Numerology profiles for Politicians and World Leaders

View Numerology profiles of Artists


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