Numerology - ancient science and philosophy

The ancient science and philosophy of Numerology uses the number values from your name and date of birth as a means to self revelation.

Numerology is both a science and a philosophy, developed by Pythagoras over 2,500 years ago. In numerology, numbers are treated differently to mathematics, in that they have a quality associated with them as opposed to just a measurement of quantity.

Numerology is still just as relevant today as it was to the ancient philosphers. It is not "magic by numbers" but a serious tool to understand what makes each of us tick. Read more on the meaning of numbers.

How important is your name and date of birth?

In numerology, the 'energy' or 'quality' of each number in your date of birth and your name are personal and specific to you. So, understanding the value of each number and how they interrelate in your own personal birth profile can give you a deeper understanding of your own abilities and help you to make informed life choices.

Your date of birth is the "blueprint" of who you came in the world to be. It defines your core personality and abilities and the basic values that will shape your choices in life.

Your name is an expression of who you are. At birth you were given a name by your parents - you took on your parent's values through their name but you also had a personal name that reflected your own individuality.

The relationship between your name and your date of birth is rather like that of a suit of clothes and your body. Your clothes alter your appearance (or expression) of who you are, but your own body will still be the substance that fills out the clothes.

If you change your name for any reason, then the expression of your values might change, much as you would look different in another suit of clothes, but the core values from your date of birth will still be the underlying factor.

What about time of birth?

Unlike astrology, your name and date of birth is used to calculate "your numbers", it is not important therefore to know when or where you were born.


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