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The Meaning of Numbers in Numerology

The ancient science of Numerology uses the number values from your name and date of birth as a means to self revelation. Each number has its own individual meaning, but there is also an overarching meaning ascribed to the whole number collectively.

Here are some of the basics on how Numerology works

The numbers 1 to 9 are the building blocks of numerology and therefore all other numbers are reduced to a single digit by adding each digit together until the number is reduced down to just one digit.

For example the number 68 is considered as two digits 6 and 8 which when added together is equal to 14. If we do the same to 14 (1 and 4) then these when added together equal 5. This gives a reduction of the number "68" to it's core value of "5".

So the number 68 therefore has a core meaning derived from the number 5 which is underpinned by characteristics from the 6 and the 8.

In order to calculate the number value of names, each letter is substituted for a number and then the number "value" of the name can be calculated from it in the same way. Once you have the number value, you can then determine the meaning of each number to determine the specific characteristics that they give to a name. You can also calculate the overarching rumber for the whole name and again determine the overarching meaning of that number.


Click on the numbers in the numerology grid to the right, for the general meanings of individual numbers.

By looking at the core number values derived from your date of birth (such as day number, month number, year number etc) and from your name (first, middle, last names, vowels, consonants etc) a profile or blueprint of who you are can be built. This will describe your core values and characteristics.

Whole Life Numerology Profile

lifeGet YOUR complete 20 page numerology profile of who you are and where you are going, covering all of your life from birth to death.

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