Letting go of a Loved One



 My daughter was born in February. She was beautiful, a perfect little angel! But there was a problem. She was born with a rare condition that not many people, even in the medical profession know much about. Our darling little baby never got to live past four months old and she passed away in June. 

During this time we had a rose bush in our garden. It was dead, the entire bush was brown, with no buds and was eaten by bugs. We were about to pull it out and for whatever reason did not.

One day I was out in the garden watering my flowers (this was the day after my daughters funeral) and I noticed a fully bloomed rose on the dead bush. Still to this day, no other roses have bloomed. It was just that one. 

I know that this was a sign from my daughter that she was okay.


Sometimes a prompt helps us to let our loved ones go, knowing that no matter how brief a time was shared, they have fulfilled what they came into being to achieve and that their love will continue.

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