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Glossary of Spiritual Terms


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astrology terminology

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This is the angle formed by the placement or relationship between 2 or more planets. The degree of the angle determines whether the relationship it describes is harmonious, inharmonious or challenging. More on Astrology


A measure of the attraction between you and your partner/lover for key aspects such as love, sex, communication, electricity, responsibility, humour, inspiration, empathy, competitiveness and angst! It shows the level of attraction as a percentage and highlights those areas that are strongly relevant for both you and your partner. More on Astrology Compatibility


The healing planet. Although there is debate whether this is in fact a planet or a comet. It was first sighted in 1977 and is named after Chiron the Centaur from Greek mythology.
Chiron is the wounded healer and is significant for those who do not give in to despair during their own suffering, but who reach out so others will not have to experience the pain that they have had. This is the influence of charitable Chiron.
 More on Astrology


An astrological chart is divided into12 sections or houses, each of which is approx. 30 degrees. Each house represents a basic area of experience or activity such as finance, love etc. The meaning of each house is modified by the planets that occupy it and the sign that rules the house. More on Astrology or the Natal Chart


This is a measure of what you seek in a partner. It shows as a percentage the importance of specific characteristics, such as attractiveness or beauty, intelligence, sensitivity, sexiness, humour, practicality, creativity, success, stability, generosity, paternal/maternal, vivacity, independence. The greater the percentage, then the more important that factor in a partner is to you. More on Astrology Compatibility

Natal Chart

The natal chart or birth chart is the mapping of the heavens at the precise time of your birth. It shows the location of the planets and their aspects to each other as well as your ascendant and sun sign. This is the core information that is used in all astrological charts and represents your profile at the time you were born. More on Astrology Natal Charts


Earth - considered a non-sacred planet in the process of transformation.
Jupiter - indicates good fortune, growth and expansion in life.
Mars - symbolises the type and amount of our physical strength.
Mercury - communication and mental capabilities.
Moon - indicator of the astral nature, subconscious and emotions.
Neptune - spiritual expression.
Pluto - indicator of rejuvenation and power.
Saturn - planet of discipline, structure and responsibility.
Sun - represents our life force, will and inner life.
Uranus - planet of rapid change and great daring.
Venus - planet of beauty and love.

More on Astrology

Progression Chart

This astrology chart gives a longer term forecast. It looks at the following key areas of your life - Personality; Mental Development; Happiness, Love and Money; Motivation, Drive and Energy; Feelings; and shows the effect over time of influences in those areas. More on Astrology Forecasts


This is a measure of each person's basic characteristics and covers - partnership, mental, emotional, practical, theatrical, artistic, physical, sensuous, authoritarian and romantic. Each category is measured as a percentage and indicates each individual's strengths and weaknesses. More on Astrology Compatibility

Transit Chart

This shows the planetary movements at a given time and is the basis for prediction forecasts. It is obtained by the method of "transiting" planets, which means that the current positions of the planets are related to the planetary positions as they were at the time of birth. The angles created between these (or the aspects) are used to interpret the influences over a particular time period. More on the Astrology Transit Forecast

Zodiac and Sun Signs

This is a band of the celestial sphere which represents the path of the Sun, Moon and principal planets of our solar system. It extends about 8 degrees to either side of the ecliptic. Divided into 12 parts called signs, which are each 30 degrees wide. Each of these bear the name of the constellation for which it was originally named. More on Astrology or the Natal Chart

Sign Approx. date range


20th March - 20th April
Taurus 20th April - 20th May
Gemini 20th May - 20th June
Cancer 20th June - 20th July
Leo 20th July - 20th Aug
Virgo 20th Aug - 20th Sept
Libra 20th Sep - 20th Oct
Scorpio 20th Oct - 20th Nov
Sagittarius 20th Nov - 20th Dec
Capricorn 20th Dec - 20th Jan
Aquarius 20th Jan - 20th Feb
Pisces 20th Feb - 20th Mar


numerology terminology

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Birth Date Analysis

This is the numerological analysis of your birth date and the numbers that it contains. It represents your basic blueprint of your characteristics and nature. One important number derived from this is your ruling number or birth number, which is calculated by adding together all the numbers in your date of birth and then reducing the result to a single number. The 'value' of this number shows the main thrust of your personality. This however is only one part of all the components of a birth date analysis. More on Numerology Charts


While the Pinnacles describe the events and environment of your life, the corresponding Challenges describe the inner limitations, fears, or handicaps with which you may be grappling while their influence is in effect. More on Numerology Charts

Life Path Analysis

This is an analysis of your life path or destiny and describes what you have been born to accomplish - your mission or purpose you must fulfill. Your destiny number is derived from the reduced number totals of each of your names. More on Numerology Charts

Name Analysis

This is an analysis of the numerological 'value' in your name and describes the characteristics that you have which result from your use of a specific name. The name that you were born with has significance in your starting point and associated characteristics, however, the name that you currently use is the energy vibration that you associate with now and is much more relevant to your future progression. More on Numerology and Names


The Pinnacles of your chart describe your response to the environment, people, events, and experiences you will encounter during their influence. The Pinnacles and their corresponding Challenges represent the four major phases of your lifetime. Generally, the Pinnacle number is considered a benevolent force. More on Numerology Charts

palmistry terminology

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Fate Line

The fate or direction line primarily shows drive to achieve/ goals or sense of purpose, as in how much there is or is not. It relates to career, life situations - relationships - moving house - state of well being, sense of fulfilment. More on Palmistry and Palm Reading

Head Line

The head line indicates not only the possible physical effects on the head and shoulders but what goes on inside the head, it's way of function and the most probable area of focus such as career. It is a very significant factor in a palm reading as our process of thinking shapes every decision we make, thereby choosing and affecting every possible future. More on Palmistry and Palm Reading

Heart Line

The Heart line can be divided in to three sections showing - affections; sensitivity; heart and lung health. For example : a curved heart line signifies a caring, generous, physical/ emotional-loving, giving nature, that trusts easily and gets involved quickly. More on Palmistry and Palm Reading

Life Line

A long, healthy-looking life line allows the energies to flow easily along its length, giving the lucky subject the prospect of a healthy, happy life with little or nothing to worry about. A long, clear, well marked life line indicates a strong physical constitution, good health, speedy recovery from illness, vitality, resistance to disease, ability to meet life's challenges and prolonged life. More on Palmistry and Palm Reading

tarot terminology

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Tarot Deck

The tarot deck is made up of 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. The major arcana tarot cards are the pictures in the pack, they have significant meanings associated with them.
The minor arcana cards are grouped into 4 suits (Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles or Coins). Each suit has Ace to 10, plus a Page, Knight, Queen and King. The minor arcana are much like the cards of a normal playing deck of cards.
More on Tarot

Tarot Readers

Tarot Readers are psychics and intuitives that use tarot cards to help them to devine the future or to understand hidden aspects of a situation. The cards are a tool, used in a number of spreads to determine the facts around an issue and to shed light on motives, personalities or future outcomes. Find out more about the Tarot Readers on this web site.

Tarot Reading

A tarot reading is a process whereby a question is asked and the answer is sought from an interpretation of a number of tarot cards. Tarot readings usually combine set interpretations of individual cards with some form of psychic or intuitive understanding. Readings can be based around finding more information to help the questioner understand the issue better, or can be a divination, used as a tool for forecasting future events. More on Tarot

Tarot Spreads or Layouts

The tarot cards are laid out in various spreads to explore problems and questions in different ways. The most popular spread is the Celtic Cross - usually 10 cards laid as follows (More on Tarot )

Final Outcome
Inner Feelings
Recent Past


This is the first major arcana card in the pack and has a number value of 0. It represents naivety, youthful exuberance and a tendency to rush into things. It can also indicate immaturity and lack of discipline and success is usually as a result of acting on instinct.
In a reversed position, it will show childishness, rashness and possibly violent outbursts or tantrums. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 1. It represents flexibility, dexterity, self-control, self-reliance and the ability to use one's capabilities to accomplish a task. It can also indicate slyness and sleight of hand.
In a reversed position, it may indicate a weakness of will or ineptitude. More on Tarot

High Priestess

This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 2. It represents wisdom and sound knowledge derived from the natural order of things. Intuition. foresight and objectivity are also characteristics of the High Priestess.
In a reversed position, it will show shallowness, improper judgment and a lack of common sense. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 3. It represents feminine productivity, the mother, fruitfulness, accomplishment and fertility.
In a reversed position, it may indicate infertility, infidelity, inaction and delays in accomplishment. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 4. It represents worldly power, accomplishment, wealth, father, brother, husband, strength and the dominance of intelligence and reason over emotion and passion.
In a reversed position, it shows immaturity and weakness of character. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 5. It is the upholder of tradition, and has the ability to hold people together with  a common set of rules to live by. Also a representative of the old school tie network, although the authority of the hierophant is spiritual rather than material.
In a reversed position, it may show unnecessary dogma and meaningless ritual. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 6. It represent love, beauty, harmony, the beginning of a romance or the struggle between sacred and profane love.
In a reversed position it can mean separation, unreliability, frustration in love and marriage. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 7. It represents an unstoppable force for change. The new order usually comes through the defeat of an adversary, so it is important to make sure that you are in the driving seat and not in front of the chariot as it passes.
In a reversed position, it may show defeat rather than victory or troubles and difficulties. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 8. It represents the rule of reason and the vanquishing of the unjust. It restores the correct balance of power to it's rightful order.
In a reversed position, it may simply show delay in the carriage of justice or at it's worst a miscarriage. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 9. It shows that it is time to step back from a situation for quiet reflection and inner counsel. A period of solitude is needed, to recharge batteries.
In a reversed position, it indicates futility and barrenness and the inability to face up to a situation. More on Tarot

Wheel of Fortune 

This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 10. It represents destiny and fortune for good or for bad, depending upon nearby cards. It can also be an indicator of a chance set of circumstances where the moment needs to be seized when it happens as it will not remain for long.
In a reverse position, it can mean bad luck or unexpected events or outside influences. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 11. It shows that a testing of one's bravery, strength and fortitude is called for and also that they are available in quantity. Obstacles may present themselves which need all one's resources to overcome. Both moral courage and physical health will be needed.
In a reversed position, it indicates weakness, foolhardiness or cowardice. More on Tarot

Hanged Man

This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 12. It indicates that a sacrifice has to be made in order to achieve one's goal. Delay will occur until the old is abandoned.
In a reversed position, it indicates that any suspensions is now self-inflicted and so any punishment and pain is of one's own doing. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 13. It indicates an end and a new beginning. Completion of a phase or project. The card represents getting rid of deadwood or unnecessary baggage and the transformation will usually be swift.
In a reversed position, the emphasis is more on beginnings. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 14. It represents balance, harmony, moderation and a natural order. It signifies prudence and careful consideration.
In a reversed position, it can mean miserly behaviour, carrying moderation to an extreme or conversely excess and waste. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 15. It indicates slavery to the senses and baser instincts. Temptation to licentious behaviour is one aspect, but it also represents karma and paying for one's past actions.
In a reversed position, the influence becomes superficial, such as irresponsible pleasures or undignified behaviour. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 16. It brings destruction, disaster or at least setback. It can suggest termination such as of a relationship and is usually accompanied by emotional eruptions. 
In a reversed position, avoidance of disaster is indicated. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 17. It represents hope, faith, optimism, inspiration, spiritual love and bright prospects. It is the wish card and indicates that hopes and wishes can be realised.
In the reverse position it can mean disappointment and unfulfilled hopes. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 18. It represents flux and change and the necessity to go with the flow of the tide and not against it. It brings hidden mysteries and transformations at work and represents the unconscious forces and feelings.
In a reversed position, it indicates a situation out of control. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 19. It brings inspiration and a sense of 'life is for living' and shines with the light of reason. It brings clarity to a situation as well as happiness and fruitful activity.
In a reversed position, it is a portent of weakness, wishful thinking and nostalgia for better times. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 20. It represents a final decision - a final reward or final punishment depending upon surrounding cards. It is also a portent of resurrection and rebirth.
In a reversed position, it indicates delay or procrastination. More on Tarot


This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 21. It represents completion and final triumph, success and realization of ambitions. A time of expansion is indicated and an opportunity to extend the boundaries of experience, to travel, become worldly wise.
In a reversed position, it indicates working hard but getting nowhere. More on Tarot

general terminology

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Using the ability of "clear hearing" and obtaining information through words or sound. A clairaudient will receive information from spiritual guides or departed spirits through hearing a spoken message.


Using the ability of "clear feeling" and obtaining information through the sense of touch and feelings. A clairsentient will receive information from spiritual guides or departed spirits through feelings and emotions.


Using the ability of "clear seeing" and obtaining information through a visual image. A clairvoyant will receive information from spiritual guides or departed spirits through seeing pictures and images in their mind of past, present or future events.


Coaching is an interactive process to facilitate change and improvement in order to reach a stated goal.

A coach can give you a different perspective on your problem, issue or goal and help you to see what needs improving in your life in order to resolve your difficulties and to reach what you are striving for. A coach can show you a better way to get there, give encouragement to make the next step and help you plan your strategy for whatever it is you are trying to achieve.

A coach is not a therapist, for you to just unburden your problems on (although being open and expressing yourself helps the process). A coach wants to help you to make the next step and move forward and will participate in guiding you.

Crone - Woman of Age, Wisdom and Power

The word "Crone", often defined as old hag or witch-like old woman, has noble origins.

"The Crone's title was related to the word crown and she represented the power of the ancient tribal matriarch who made the moral and legal decisions for her subjects and descendants. It was the medieval metamorphosis of the wise woman into the witch that changed the word Crone from a compliment to an insult and established the stereotype of malevolent old womanhood that continues to haunt elder women today." -- Barbara Walker, The Crone (Women of Age, Wisdom and Power).

Free Will

This is what we all have at every moment, even when we think we are backed in a corner with no way out.

There is often a mis-conception about destiny, fate and free will. It is possible to make predictions on future events, but those predictions are based on current situations. If, for example, cards are played out as they have been dealt, then the future outcome is fairly certain, the predictions made will come true. If we decide to change our cards, then we influence the outcome of the game - we change our future.

What is not realised by many seeking to know the future is that they have the major hand in creating their own future. Our current attitude and thoughts are what shapes and creates our life. By changing our thoughts and attitude it is possible to change our future. FREE WILL is our choice in creating our own future. No-one makes us accept our "fate" - we choose it. If we are a doormat, it is because we laid down for others to wipe their feet. If we "decide" (not want) to be successful in an endeavour, then we will be.

Guiding Principle

As a psychic reader, I undertake to provide you with information and guidance, which may assist you on your journey through this lifetime.

I respect your free will to choose WHO YOU ARE and how you express and experience that choice.

I will not judge you nor tell you how to live your life, but provide guidance and choices which can lead you to further expand WHO YOU CHOOSE TO BE


The word "Hag" means "a holy one" from Greek hagia.

Psychic Reading

Psychic readings are reports produced for clients to answer questions or give guidance about personal events in their life. Psychic readers use a number of different tools to assist them in finding answers to the client's questions, such as tarot cards, palm prints, numerology, astrology, crystals, runes etc.. The psychic reader is effectively a conduit, channeling information from angels/guides/spiritual helpers that will help the person seeking advice. More on Psychics and Psychic Readings

Vibrational Healing

This is the use of sound on the etheric body to bring balance back into the energy system. Sound can be voice, there is a specific sequence to align the seven main chakras. Sound can be channelled by connecting to the Angelic realm.
A Tibetan singing bowl is an instrument that is used also. All these techniques may be used to rebalance the energy system by aligning the recipient to the Alpha brainwave level, which is the same vibration of the earth energies, thus bringing about harmony and synchronistic healing.

glossary of spiritual terms

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