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Psychic Medium, International Clairvoyant & Psychic Detective

Psychic Medium - GabrielleHi, I am Gabrielle.   I am an International Platform Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant. I have the gifts of Clairaudience, Clairvoyance. Clairsentience,  Remote Viewing, Platform Medium-ship and I am a very real and genuine Psychic and Clairvoyant. 

As well as live psychic medium-ship work on radio, personal consultations and assisting police in criminal investigations, I also provide Psychic Readings via the internet (psychic readings - more information).

I am trained in counselling skills at university and I specialise in Women's Issues, Domestic Violence, same sex relationship issues, Heterosexual and Relationship counselling, as well as workplace issues.

I also specialise in media appearances and TV shows related to missing persons and crime or murder cases unsolved. I am a Psychic Detective, and Psychic Murderer Profiler, as well as Psychic Victim Profiler, and Psychic Crime Profiler. I am trained in grief counselling and critical incident debriefing. I am willing to assist with any issues trelated to terrorism, and profiling. I am currently working on a book on my life for publishing. I work with the Highest Order of Angels only and with the use of the Holy Rosary have been startlingly successful in crime work especially in Australia and Japan.


B.A. Women's Studies

Double Major Degree in Politics, Philosophy and Sociology - Murdoch University 1992.

Bachelor of Family Studies Degree - 1999 Curtin University, Perth.

Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church.


I knew from aged five that I could see and predict the future with incredible accuracy and I have spent my life devoted to helping people. 

I predicted the early deaths of Rajiv Gandhi, Diana Princess of Wales  (publicly on radio BEFORE it happened), Mother Theresa and Princess Margaret; terrorist attacks in the US and the overthrow of the Taliban; the marriage of Prince Edward and Sophie and the Royal family scandals; ebola virus outbreak in Africa and the discovery of oil also in Africa; plus many more..

On the whole, my life up until now has been an extraordinary life. I have found my life has seemed to be led by a force far greater than I can ever comprehend. As a psychic medium and clairvoyant I think that my life has been linked so closely to my belief systems that as a human being I am actually unable to live and work without my medium-ship.

There has been many a sacrifice that I have had to make in order for me to tread the path that I have done. I have suffered very deeply on my journey of self discovery in ways that if I had the choice again perhaps I may not have chosen to continue as a Psychic Medium.


My earliest memory of being a clairvoyant, was when I was six years of age. I was able to see Angels and unknowing that it was not something that everyone else could do, I told a classmate that I could see the Angel in the toilets. The story got around the entire school within days and to the teachers dismay all the students in the school refused to go to the toilets. Consequently, there occurred an epidemic of pant wetting's that the teachers had never experienced in the school before.

The story was quickly traced back to me, for I believe there are no better inquisitors than catholic nuns in this world. I was forced to stand up in front of the whole school and recant my story as untrue and beg forgiveness for my sinful ways. This taught me a valuable lesson that day, that not every person was like me. Well actually, it taught me and the rest of the students that I was different. I never lived that sad episode down and the nuns still remind my children of their mother's unusual ways.

Another early psychic experience happened when I was in Grade two. I had a strong feeling that the girl that I sat next to in class was going away. I turned to her and told her at the end of that day that I was sad that she was going away and I would miss her. She denied it and laughed at me. That night her parents were murdered in a double murder and she went to live with her Grandmother. I missed her. I have always suspected that her parents were murdered as a drug payback. I also always have thought that maybe this was the first introduction test for me, that later when I would be asked to assist in murder cases that this somehow was my teething lesson to deal with the sadness of death.


I have helped police on a number of occasions, using my psychic abilities and medium-ship to reveal information that had not been found. Here are some of the many cases where I was able to assist:

Greenough Massacre. psychic detection - read more  

The Birnies. psychic detection - read more  


I never actually have to really concentrate on making a prediction. What tends to happen, is that I am usually either on the phone having a nice little social chat with someone, doing my radio guest segment or maybe having a a cuppa with a friend, when out of my mouth will just pop out a prediction when I least expect it. This can be most disconcerting to both myself and whoever happens to be within earshot.

Some of my best predictions that were unlikely to happen, did come true. On A radio segment on the 98FM Radio show in Geraldton, I predicted a whole series of things that came true. Here is a selection, click on the links to read more:

Death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Psychic Predictiion - Read more  

Death of Mother TheresaPsychic Prediction - Read more  

Port Arthur Massacre, Tasmania  Psychic Prediction - Read more  

Olympics Terrorist Attack.  Psychic Prediction - Read more  

Death of Gandhi  Psychic Prediction - Read more  

Ebola virus outbreak in Africa 

Massacre of Albanian refugees by Serbs  

Marriage of Prince Edward to Sophie 

Terrorist attacks and exploding planes in American Skies 

Invasion and overthrow of Afghanistan Taliban by USA and allies 

Discovery of oil in Africa 

Rise of muslim terrorism and fanatics in Phillipines

Death of Princess Margaret from cancer 

There have been many other international predictions such as the English train tunnel fires, the outbreak of war in Kuwait and various terrorist attacks in the world that I had predicted prior to them occurring. 


I give to you these messages from Archangel Michael, who is my spiritual guide. 

Message One from St Michael

Message Two from St Michael

Message Three from St Michael

Message Four from St Michael

Message Five from St Michael

Message Six from St Michael


If you have questions that you want answering, want to know what you can expect in the near future or perhaps need help in dealing with the loss of a loved one, then I can assist you with a Personal Psychic Reading using my gifts of clairvoyance and medium-ship. 

I work from either FIVE or TEN questions that you supply and I provide you with a reply which is concise and to the point getting straight to the issues of concern. I tell it as it is and I don't pull any punches. If you have been drawn to me for a reading, then at least part of you is ready to hear the truth. 

FIVE questions .... AUD$80 -



All readings and consultations are unique and individually prepared for you. 

Ordering is via a secure on-line order form, where payment details are encrypted before sending via the internet.

You will be sent notification via email, when your reading is ready along with a link and password to access your reading online. However, a printed reading can be sent to you via standard mail if you prefer - see order form for more details. 

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