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Eloryia RA

Visionary, Artist, Author, Clairvoyant, Teacher


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Eloryia RA - Angel Lady

Come play and celebrate with me, Eloryia RA, featured radio and television guest, (author of Awakening (Ascension, A Trilogy of Transformation, book1 ), and international workshop facilitator and lecturer.

My life's work is dedicated to be in service to the enlightenment of human kind - I AM more commonly known as the Angel Lady. I will gently and lovingly guide you into the joyful and playful expression of your greatest magnificence, where you will awaken your HEART SONG, (the divine statement of your existence on earth and how to express it).

I AM a visionary artist/published author, clairvoyant, teacher, facilitator, high priestess and holder of the light for Ascension / Heart Song, the One Mind Council of RA, The Mastery of The 13 Laws of One.

All of my expressions are through a loving heart of the Sacred Divine Trinity, expressed through the wisdom of the God, the beauty and grace of the Goddess, and the playful, innocence of the child within.

I will help you to return to the innocence of your joyful heart, the reuniting of your twin flame, and the GOD/GODDESS/CHILD I AM presence within you, so you may manifest all you truly desire.

I facilitate private and or group sessions and for the past 18 years have read for and guided hundreds of individuals out of their self imposed painful darkness into the peace and joy of their blissful hearts.

I AM a clear, extremely accurate, highly conscious, channel of light, expressing the higher angelic spheres through my writings, fine art, personal readings, international lectures and workshops. I consult through my finely tuned channeling abilities and have inspired many to acknowledge their individual magnificence, helping to free themselves to finally know heaven on earth.

I would love to help YOU as well.

I use my ability to see auras, as well as my clairvoyance and clairaudience to gain the information for your reading.

In your reading you will be guided to PEACE OF MIND, TRUE LOVE, FINANCIAL PROSPERITY AND THE FREEDOM TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS by being your authentic self !

I will help you unlock the door to the empowerment of the divinity within you, so you may manifest your dreams while living HEAVEN ON EARTH!


One to Two Questions - AUD$50

Three Questions - AUD$60

Aura Portrait with Mandala and full reading- AUD$195

(Note: you will need to submit a head and shoulder close up photo - no eye glasses or other head or face ornaments- photo needs to be at least 640 x 640 at 300 dpi resolution0

Aura Portraits, will let you see, know your soul mission and place in the bigger global picture, as well as see Your Higher Self Divine Magnificence through your human likeness and help you remove any limitations so that you can attract Abundant Prosperity of all good things into your life. They will also help you shift any stuck relationship. All portraits include a Full Reading and a Healing Mandala, a geometric pattern that represents your unique cosmos metaphysically or symbolically, a microcosm of your Universe from the human perspective.

Your Aura Portrait will help you with the following:

  • Be aware of Your current energies and to be present with them in every moment
  • Remember who you truly are, your divine magnificent soul
  • Remember your purpose of being here, your soul’s mission
  • How to genuinely love and appreciate all aspects of who you are
  • How to trust and be confident in yourself to be your own authority for any and all decisions
  • How to align your higher self with your human self, by paying attention to the Holy Spirit of you so that you can navigate your life journey into realizing heaven on earth. When you are in alignment your life is guided with deliberate conscious intent; so you can quickly, easily and joyfully manifest your dreams, rather than living in the old conditioned way of by default, followed by less than one joyful experience after another or only intermittent happiness.

Some examples of AURA PORTRAITS and MANDELAs that I have done for clients

click on each image to enlarge

Aura Portrait -example 1 Aura Portrait
Mandala - example 1 Mandala

Dear Eloryia, thank you for sharing your amazing gifts and creating this beautiful aura portrait. Tears came to my eyes as I read your reading and looked at the portrait. I was simply filled with joyful emotion as I connected with my higher self unlike any other time before.
As excited as I was to have this done, I had absolutely no idea that having this aura portrait and connecting with you would impact my life more than words could ever describe. And as amazed as I still am by the reading, it makes more sense with every day that goes by.
You have so eloquently displayed the “bigger picture” for our world along with my place in it. With that, I feel an ongoing sense of peace and joy knowing that we truly are all coming together to create Heaven on Earth.
I know that as you continue to share your amazing gifts with others this love and joy will continue to spread and bring it all into being. Thank you for opening my Earthly eyes to my own Higher Self. With love, light and gratitude, CMY, New Jersey

Aura portrait example 2 Aura Portrait
Healing manadala example 2 Mandala

I am speechless - this is beautiful. I sensed instantly without even reading that I had truly been seen. I have read part or all of the reading every day since I received it and continue to absorb it all in. This morning I was in such gratitude because these portraits are such an exquisite mirror reflecting the deepest parts of ourselves we have known were there, and never allowed ourselves to bask in the beauty of. I used to look in a mirror and look deep into my eyes and say 'I love you' - I saw my soul, but not the facets this portrait brings out. T.G., Oregon

aura portrait - example 3 Aura Portrait
manadala - example 3 Mandala



This GUIDANCE PROGRAM is a follow on from your reading and is personal assistance based on my well known ASCENSION WORKSHOP.

I will personally guide you to your wholeness by realigning and reconnecting your 13 strand matrix, which will then fully activate your light body, your higher mind and your universal heart, enabling you to express your Divinity, the Oneness of the God/Goddess/Child within and to realize Heaven on Earth in each and every moment.

You will be guided to…..

Being fully conscious of "HOW TO" stay in the present moment, the "NOW" by releasing the past through higher understanding, and learning specific techniques of how not to project any thought or image into the future other than what you truly desire to manifest.

You will learn methods to acknowledge, forgive and release suppressed emotions, and deep core issues, embedded within your molecular structure, which keep you from being the divine magnificence you are! i.e. Doing what is best for you, rather than what you perceive you are obligated to do for another/s

You will gain your personal freedom to be yourself through resolve and closure of old abuse and/or trauma behavior

Together we will discover your highest individual healing technique necessary to clear blocks so you may realize your dreams.

During this guidance you will also retrieve fragmented soul aspects, which are the others within whom keep you from having all you desire.

Awaken your Heart Song and The Freedom to be your authentic self, realizing all your heart's desires and life's complete intent. This alignment process resulting in your mastery will also unify the God/Goddess within you, which will then attract to you the outward manifestation more commonly known as your "Twin Flame"!

AUD$200 monthly

ORDER > > a month of

Eloryia RA's other accomplishments:

  • Co founder of the Light Connection
  • Publisher of the Rainbow Directory
  • Visionary and founder of The Sacred Garden
  • International Speaker and Lecturer
  • Featured guest on radio and television

Also Author and Illustrator of:

  • The Light Worker's Manual,
  • Angel Affirmations,
  • The Princess Kia, and
  • The Angelic Goddess Cards



All readings and consultations are unique and individually prepared for you. 

Ordering is via a secure on-line order form, where payment details are encrypted before sending via the internet.

You will be sent notification via email, when your reading is ready along with a link and password to access your reading online. However, a printed reading can be sent to you via standard mail if you prefer - see order form for more details. 

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