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clairvoyant medium - DarkaMY CLAIRVOYANT READINGS


Welcome to my psychic realm. I am a psychic, clairvoyant and palm reader working closely with my angel and spirit guides; as a natural medium I am able to pass messages from the spirit world. I also use dreams and the Medicine Woman tarot as a means of delving deeper into your inner world.

I have been reading professionally for over 30 years and have always been aware of my psychic powers. Spirituality has always been a part of my life and using my clairvoyance is as natural to me as breathing.
I see and feel spirit around me and together with my angels I can help you find a solution to any problem you may be facing. As a psychic reader, I work in a positive light. I tend not to focus on negatives, which may block your energies; rather, I focus on the positives. I try to see a positive outcome in any situation however impossible it may seem, as I feel that every one of us can win through with help from our spirit guides.

The potential for success in love, money, career, health and in all aspects of our life is within all of us. Any problems or obstacles in your path can be overcome, once you are aware of the signposts illuminating your journey through life.

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Readings by DARKA


Using my clairvoyance, I am able to help you unravel issues which are affecting your life at the present. Ask any three questions and I will guide you through the maze enabling you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The cost of this reading is AUD$50 -


If you have a specific question to ask or need some guidance in a particular area of your life, then a Tarot reading can help you find the answers that you are seeking. The reading will reflect your state of health and mind. I work with my guardian angels throughout a reading. Past events and the likely course of future events are depicted clearly

The cost of this reading is AUD$50 -


We all dream on a regular basis. Most of us do not remember our dreams. However, the dreams which we do remember are the ones which are of significance in our lives. These are the dreams we need to focus on and interpret as they convey messages to us from the spirit realm. The dreams may be vivid and true to life or a series of images which are symbolic and represent certain issues which we need to face. Sometimes we need help in making sense of our dreams. I can help you to decipher your dreams, thereby enabling you to perceive the hidden meanings.

The cost of this reading is AUD$35 -



All readings and consultations are unique and individually prepared for you. 

Ordering is via a secure on-line order form, where payment details are encrypted before sending via the internet.

You will be sent notification via email, when your reading is ready along with a link and password to access your reading online. However, a printed reading can be sent to you via standard mail if you prefer - see order form for more details. 

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