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Astrology Natal Chart - SAMPLE

This is an example of the NATAL astrology chart that is available from this web site.  It contains information on aspects of your personality in the following sections:


Date of Birth:  23/07/1962
Time of birth:  13:50
Place of birth: York, England


Radix MC 24 55 Leo Sun 0 14 Leo 9
----- ASC 8 51 Sco  Moon 22 16 Ari 6
Phoebe Elliott ----- Plac --- Mercury 23 14 Cnc 9
11. 27 27 Vir Venus 12 7 Vir 10
Date: 23 Jul 1962 Mon  12. 21 9 Lib Mars 10 4 Gem 8
Time: 13 50 00 2. 7 9 Sgr Jupiter 11 58 Psc R 4
Zone: 0 00 E  3. 14 17 Cap Saturn 8 40 Aqr R 3
Latitude: 53 58 N ----------------- Uranus 28 58 Leo 10
Longitude: 1 07 W  Node 9 14 Leo R 9 Neptune 10 43 Sco 1
YORK Point 0 52 Leo 9 Pluto 8 32 Vir 10
Chiron 10 11 Psc R 4

Go to top of pageAspects: Radix/Radix Orb: 5 0

Phoebe Elliott

MC  Tri Moo 2 40- Mer ssq Mar 1 49+ Mar Tri Sat 1 24- Nep Sxt Plu 2 12+

ASC Sqr Sat 0 11- Mer ssq Plu 0 17+ Mar qcx Nep 0 40+ Nod Sxt Mar 0 49-

ASC Cnj Nep 1 53+ Ven Sqr Mar 2 04- Mar Sqr Plu 1 32- Nod Opp Sat 0 34-

ASC Sxt Plu 0 19- Ven Opp Jup 0 09- Jup Tri Nep 1 15+ Nod Sqr Nep 1 29-

ASC Sqr Nod 0 24+ Ven Sxt Nep 1 24- Jup Opp Plu 3 26+ Nod ssx Plu 0 43+

Moo Sqr Mer 0 59+ Ven Cnj Plu 3 36- Sat Sqr Nep 2 03-

Moo ses Plu 1 16+ Mar Sqr Jup 1 54+ Sat qcx Plu 0 08+

Date: 23 Jul 1962 Mon
Time: 13 50 00
Zone: 0 00 E
Latitude: 53 58 N
Longitude: 1 07 W

Go to top of page*Fire element strong

A predominantly fiery nature gives you a hands-on attitude towards personal and professional situations and crises. You react swiftly and spontaneously, taking the initiative in order to control events and steer them your way. Indeed, you need to feel in control to be really happy. You have a lot of dynamic - even irrepressible - energy and a corresponding fund of enthusiasm. Inclined to be hot tempered, you can flare up quickly and easily. However, just as easily, you forgive and forget, for your energy is too fast-flowing - and therefore continually regenerative - to become stuck on things which rapidly become overtaken and superseded by time.

*Water element strong

A predominantly watery nature gives you an emotional disposition - that is, one which relates and responds to people and situations chiefly through the faculty of feeling. This gives you an emphasized sensitivity toward the intuitive faculty. Strongly sympathetic - even compassionate - you're often attracted to those less fortunate, hoping to alleviate their suffering by assuming a part of it yourself. Such a concentration on the emotional factor, however, can create confusion and turbulence in your own life and - because emotions are often hard to control - you can also become moody and unpredictable. As a protective reaction to all this, you tend to become withdrawn and defensive.

* Fixed quality strong

You have strong opinions and your ideas appear consistent. However, you can at times slide into dogmatism and an unwillingness to change. Good powers of concentration and endurance ensure that your determination remains as strong towards the end as it was at the beginning..

Go to top of page* Sun in Leo

You do love a party, don't you? If there's a good time to be had, you're there. You love all the glitter and glamour, the eye contact and the innuendo, the telling of tall stories. And why not? What's wrong with wanting to escape for a while, to a world where everything's possible? Nothing, of course. So long as it doesn't become a habit, that is! You're a very proud creature, and you don't suffer fools lightly. The worst insult you can suffer is public embarrassment. The person who inflicts that kind of humiliation on you is your enemy for life. You guard your personal dignity and self-esteem fiercely.

Your love of colour and parade draws you to such things as the theatre. The flamboyant display of big emotions by larger-than-life characters, and the elevated language which often accompanies such performances, all cater for your admiration of the grand event. Indeed, big subjects need big people, and you have a great respect for heroes and heroines, on or off the stage.

It would bore you to sit around and theorize for too long. You're full of ideas and have the confidence to translate them into action. Impetuosity and impatience, however, sometimes lead you to leap before looking. It would bring you even greater respect if you were to sit down and think things through perhaps a bit more often. You'll find that this will result in your plans being more effective and therefore longer-lasting.

* Sun in Ninth House

You are capable of changing your direction in life quite dramatically, and on more than one occasion. One might say, in fact, that you are subject to revelatory insights, either into your own character or the ways of the world generally, which make you instinctively seek new ground. Often, you are drawn to, for instance, religious issues, or anything that provides a kind of overview of mankind's existence for, in trying to come to terms with your own life, you become aware of a universal whole. You will have made already, or are likely to at some future date, a fair amount of long distance travel, for the customs of foreign lands intrigue you as does, in fact, just the mere thought of any prospective journey. Still, even if physical travel is not eventually your lot in life, there is always the interior travel of the soul.

* Unaspected Sun

You are wide open to influences from all areas of human existence. These influences go into creating your character and are conducted through you without hindrance as if you were a kind of medium, as you have no in-built opposition to them - you become that thing, whatever it is. Thus you may have an aptitude for acting, for taking on other identities. Or, again, you may have a flair for politics or music. It's a flair with a difference, however: instead of these things, i.e. music, acting, etc, colouring your personality, your personality is coloured by them. Some might say you're a bit too open to these influences. Their criticism of you would then be twofold: a) that you don't discriminate enough between the negative and constructive aspects; b) that without these influences your personality would be flat, that you need them to give you character in the first place. Be that as it may, there are things out there for the taking, and they're fair game for the likes of you.

Go to top of page* Ascendant in Scorpio

You have a good sense of your own individuality. You like to be noticed, and are flattered when others single you out for praise or attention. Nevertheless, you also have an equal need at times to be retiring, and to withdraw into the safety of your own self-protection. Having a tendency to being possessive, you can over-identify on occasion with various people or things. Still, it's nothing you or others can't handle: it's not like your actions create animosity or anything. The only person who really might start wobbling is your partner. No matter how attached they might be, they'll also want their breathing space. So let go of the leash once in a while: it'll pay dividends for all concerned.

You can be eminently reasonable, adopting a rational and fair-minded approach to whatever issue's at hand. At other times you can be quite the reverse, and become heavily emotional, irrational. This is not a schizophrenia (because it's not a genuine disorder); rather, you have two levels to your personality which interchange according to the intensity with which you react to any situation. A milder reaction on your part brings with it a more level-headed approach; but once you become emotionally involved, it is your instinct which determines your reaction.

Go to top of page* Moon in Aries

Being naturally persuasive, you can easily draw others into your circle, giving you a feeling of power. When this translates into an emotional context, you could end up believing you can conquer the opposite sex at will. Damn it all, you can!

You react very quickly to emotional stimuli, and always seem to have enough stamina to carry you through demanding situations. Others like your directness, and also your single-minded approach once you've decided on where your affections lie. You're volatile and touchy, but sincere and demonstrative, too. You can convert your feelings into actions, which gives others a sense of being in fresh and exciting company when they're around you. Sometimes, though, you might go overboard with your enthusiasm and dive head first into a relationship when, really, you should have employed more caution and judgment.

* Moon in Sixth House

Your emotional life seems to exist in a secret world of its own, often inaccessible to others and even, at times, a mystery to you yourself. In other words, you can hide your feelings too well. This is not really intentional on your part; rather, it is done to protect your emotions from perhaps being exposed to too wide an audience, to those who might not appreciate what you have to offer and who might sully it. Therefore, up go the barricades and out come the defenses. Nevertheless, you have much sensitivity towards the feelings of others. Indeed you will measure others by their degree of feelingful responsiveness. On another level altogether, it will often reward you to spend some time looking into the purities of foods, and all things related to the health of mind and body for, similarly, you react strongly towards that which does not have a right amount of nutritional refinement. As you know better than most: you are what you eat, and that goes for your soul as well.

* Moon Square (Semisquare/Sesquisquare) Mercury 

Your emotional faculties are often at odds with your intellectual life, often making you sit down and scratch your head about just exactly what is going on inside. Feeling and thinking don't always mix harmoniously in any case - it's often better policy to leave each go their separate and mutually independent ways. 

* Moon Square (Semisquare/Sesquisquare) Pluto

You may find it difficult at times to reconcile yourself to what you consider to be your vales of depression and gloom and, equally, your nagging paranoia. It's not too hard for you to paint yourself into a corner and develop an 'us and them' complex, telling yourself everyone's after you but you don't exactly know why. Well, cheer up, kiddo - they're after all of us and we don't know why either! 

Go to top of page* Mercury in Cancer

Things make an impression on your mind rather like images do on photographic paper: they are graphically illustrated and cannot be removed. You are good at recalling past events, therefore, because you can easily conjure up a clear picture of the occasion in question. By the same token, you can often change your mind a thousand times regarding any subject before you finally come to a decision. Some might call this being evasive, but it's perhaps more like feeling your way through, rather than being dogmatic about the issue at hand. When it suits your purpose, you can be very shrewd; you are likely to be good at devising schemes on how to avoid particular issues whilst still reaping their benefits - in other words, you're an intellectual trickster, a born 'creative accountant'!

* Mercury in Ninth House

You have a good capacity for mental rejuvenation, an ability to change your outlook instead of becoming entrenched in attitudes beyond their natural duration. Indeed, it must often seem as if you change your intellectual position almost involuntarily: that is, you appear to be compelled by your own mental activity.

* Mercury Square (Semisquare/Sesquisquare) Mars

Sometimes you just feel like running screaming from the room until everyone and everything in there just shuts the hell up or turns into a cloud of smoke and disappears. In other words, when things start grating, you get angry and anger, as we all well know, leads to much frustration and headbanging.

* Mercury Square (Semisquare/Sesquisquare) Pluto

Sometimes you paint yourself into a corner at the back of your mind where there's not one iota of light and no way out at all. We're talking major depression here. But - and here's the beauty of it - it never lasts for long: something always breaks and then - sunshine!

* Venus in Virgo

Think of yourself as Greta Garbo - you want to be alone! That is, in your emotional and love life, your first instinct is to retreat into some private inner chamber where you won't be bothered by all the demands of a relationship.

You have a tendency to view the individual as a temple, and intimate affairs as assaults on sacred ground. Still, this is not exactly an honest description, for you need to be loved - and to love - as much as the next person. Your dilemma is how to go about this and still remain chaste - at least spiritually! Similarly, your attitude is also partly explained by the fact that you do, in fact, have exceptionally fine feeling: you don't want to get all this emotional finery spoiled because then it would lose its purity. Nevertheless, there are those among you who throw caution to the wind and live the life of philanderers - they go to the other extreme and form a string of emotional attachments without any attempt to sustain even one of them. Nothing wrong in that, either, so long as it's all done in the best possible taste!

* Venus in Tenth House

Everybody likes to attain some degree of authority in their lives, but you especially. It will never be good enough merely to remain just one of the many; much better to be one of the elite few! We are not talking about snobbery here, rather about the desire to achieve, particularly those worldly things of wealth and status.

* Venus Square (Semisquare/Sesquisquare) Mars

When you get ragged around the edges emotionally, boy, doesn't everyone know about it! And the truth is you can get ragged pretty often. It really is difficult for you not to react to fraught situations. However, instead of reacting, how about responding? You know, presume your opponent innocent until proven guilty for a change, rather than the other way around!

* Venus Opposition Jupiter

You're like the person who turned up at a party in a bearskin with a lampshade on their head - when the lights went out, you lit up. That is, you're the life and soul of the party, but sometimes you don't realize when the party's over. So, like Thatcher, you go on - and on and on and. . .

* Venus Trine/Sextile Neptune

You have a good appreciation of the finer aspects of feeling - those things which are usually called 'feminine' because of their sympathetic and softer qualities. You may take your awareness of such qualities almost for granted, but you should also know that you are one of the relatively few who actually are conscious of these in the first place.

* Venus Conjunction Pluto

You affections often draw you into areas where light doesn't shine, leaving you nonplussed as to what brought you to an involvement with that person or project to begin with. But you also have an extraordinary power for change and regeneration and, each time this occurs, your affections emerge completely renewed and refreshed,.

* Mars in Gemini

A sharp mind gives way to a sharp tongue, and both of these you have. Indeed, these you can use without due restraint, sometimes leaving others wondering why you should have been so cutting when perhaps the situation didn't call for such an extreme response. Nevertheless, as soon as the skirmish has erupted, it's over again - at least as far as you're concerned. Hence, you quite happily continue to go through your rounds of confrontation and reconciliation, for the former usually leave no lasting scar, and the latter normally heal all wounds - again, at least as far as you're concerned. In other words, you do not necessarily mean to hurt, only to make a point. It's really a question of force; in your case, a forceful mind. However, this is sometimes misdirected, or not disciplined enough, and therefore can wind up contributing in the wrong way to the wrong occasion.

The lesson to be learnt is: think before you act!

* Mars in Eighth House

Remember Don Quixote, how he mistook a windmill for the flailing arms of a giant, and became locked in battle with it? Well, similarly, you can sometimes find yourself fighting - but fighting what or whom? Lashing out against invisible foe is often a result of projecting your inner frustration on to someone or something else. We all do it, of course, but it's ever so much more chic if we don't!

* Mars Square (Semisquare/Sesquisquare) Jupiter

The heat of the moment can catch you unawares and, in an argument, you could lose your cool all too easily at times. This is likely to be due to the frustration that so often accompanies the inability to verbalize grievances - the result of your tongue getting taken by anger.

* Mars Trine/Sextile Saturn

Your more volatile nature has a happy way of working harmoniously with your instinctive reserve, thus giving you the benefit of rational judgment in a crisis situation. This levelheadedness is what others admire you for and, indeed, is one of your greatest strengths.

* Mars Square (Semisquare/Sesquisquare) Pluto

It often perplexes you how others can accommodate so easily their more passionate, instinctive, natures without working up all kinds of complexes and paranoias. You frequently find the whole question of man's more primitive side to be a matter for concern and investigation. But, at other times, you're completely understanding and lucid about the whole thing.

* Jupiter in Pisces

Where others might be cynical, you have a strong tendency to believe in matters which represent man's spiritual welfare. Hence, in the field of religion, for example, the act of devotion comes naturally to you. You see it as a very simple and uncomplicated affair, and one perfectly compatible with

how you feel about the connection between man and a higher order. Still, you're also a pretty gregarious creature really, a lover of parties and social occasions which one can call 'festivities'. You respond very much to the enthusiasm of others, this in turn feeding your own capacity for enjoyment: it's frequently very much a case of the more the merrier! However, despite your often unbridled zest for life, you also have an impulse to withdraw in order to take care of, in private, your even greater enthusiasm for worship.

* Jupiter in Fourth House

Everything depends on your mood: things affect you deeply and can change your feelings within a very short space of time, and for long periods. This is because you have a very developed sense of atmosphere, and a great appreciation for the quality of inner life. To be precise, your moods reflect the level of response of your inner life to any given situation.

* Jupiter Trine/Sextile Neptune

If truth be known, you have a very sincere appreciation of the more spiritual elements of human life and you yourself can indeed lend a great deal to helping others to understand them. The whole matter draws you, and you see it as one area in which you can find a channel for your finest feelings.

* Jupiter Opposition Pluto

The matter of spiritual inquiry and religion in general sends you either into peels of laughter or raptures of inspiration. You see it either as a force for world corruption or good. There's no middle ground for you. The point on which the whole question turns for you personally is - is it for the benefit of mankind or is it an evil of the powerful, those with political influence?

* Saturn in Aquarius

One of your greatest fears is not belonging, of being on the outside looking in. You very much need to be a part of the general movement of humankind: exclusion from this would distress you. Therefore, you adapt to society's systems and structures readily, for they provide easy access to membership of society's 'club' - your security. This is not to say that you're exclusively a dyed-in-the-wool conformist who has no capacity, let alone desire, for individual expression.

On the contrary. But, what it does mean, is that a sense of belonging will override everything else in the pursuit of your own personal direction. Logically, you'd be unhappy if you didn't belong, and this would scupper your plans.

* Saturn in Third House

You like to organize your intellectual life into a system. This gives control over your thoughts to such an extent that, when you need to react to the issue in hand, you can retrieve the desired response from your mental filing tray. Such control, though perhaps too clinical by someone else's standards - as it can preclude mental passion - is nevertheless quite an intellectual achievement in itself.

* Saturn Square (Semisquare/Sesquisquare) Neptune

It must often seem to you as if normality is one big farce. Wherever you look you see only its negative effects. However, at the same time, you very much adhere to what seems tangible and real in order to feel that life has something solid to offer. It's that feeling of solidity - material and emotional security - that keeps you sane.

* Uranus in Leo

You are part of a generation where much attention is focused on individual achievement. Individualism and self-reliance become enshrined as icons, and the pursuit of self-fulfilment takes on a great importance. This can create a fashion of appearing different; but, as we all know, appearances are certainly not everything.

* Uranus in Tenth House

You question the world of convention, frequently feeling yourself to be out of step with it. But, privately, you acknowledge it as the only way forward; not only for you, but for everyone. So, sooner or later, you decide if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

* Unaspected Uranus

Without placing a value judgment on you, it must be very difficult for you at times to grasp abstract ideas. That is, when people start taking any subject apart, be it politics, art or athletics, and hold it up to be scrutinized from every conceivable angle, the whole process often must seem baffling and ridiculous to you. At the same time, however, you are actually very open to all kinds of elusive notions, and often have a great tolerance towards the eccentric or absurd if only because you wish to observe their strangeness. Thus, in mundane terms, you may not be exactly an avid follower of fashion, for instance, but you are drawn to those who are because their behaviour and appearance never cease to fascinate you.

* Neptune in Scorpio

Your generation takes all that's gone before and pronounces it dead - or at least null and void. Full-blown lifestyles and ideas of only a few years past are thrown out the window for ever. Or is it forever? Your generation's assertiveness is formidable, but the cyclic force of historical inevitability is greater.

* Neptune in First House

You have an aesthetic appearance, lending itself to a blend of sensitivity and idealism. You have an artistic aptitude, even if only in the appreciative sense. Idealistic, you tend to dream rather than put your ideals into practice.

* Neptune Trine/Sextile Pluto

Your generation is one which will accept fairly readily all those things which others accuse of being esoteric, airy fairy nonsense, and attempt to harness them to the mainstream of society for the benefit and enlightenment of all.

* Pluto in Virgo

You're born into a generation much preoccupied with all the weird and wonderful kinds of illnesses and dietary malfunctions which can effect the human - and ecological - system. Indeed, new diseases of man and earth are discovered, which have hitherto been unknown to exist.

* Pluto in Tenth House

You're actually a pretty ambitious creature, really. Moreover, you'll use just about every trick in the book to get what you want from your career. Those who think of you as one of the world's obedient and law-abiding citizens - how wrong they are!


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