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Astrology Child Chart - SAMPLE

This is an example of the CHILD astrology chart that is available from this web site. It contains information on all aspects of the child's personality in the following sections:


Date of Birth:  23/07/1962
Time of birth:  13:50
Place of birth: York, England


Radix                   MC  24 55 Leo         Sun      0 14 Leo 9
-----                   ASC  8 51 Sco         Moon    22 16 Ari 6
Phoebe                  ---- Plac ---         Mercury 23 14 Cnc 9
                        11. 27 27 Vir         Venus   12  7 Vir 10
Date: 23 Jul 1962 Mon   12. 21  9 Lib         Mars    10  4 Gem 8
Time: 13 50 00           2.  7  9 Sgr         Jupiter 11 58 Psc R 4
Zone: 0 00 E             3. 14 17 Cap         Saturn   8 40 Aqr R 3
Latitude: 53 58 N       --------------------  Uranus  28 58 Leo 10
Longitude: 1 07 W       Node    9 14 Leo R 9  Neptune 10 43 Sco 1
YORK                    Point   0 52 Leo 9    Pluto    8 32 Vir 10
                        Chiron 10 11 Psc R 4

Go to top of pageAspects: Radix/Radix Orb: 5 0 


MC  Tri Moo 2 40- Mer ssq Mar 1 49+ Mar Tri Sat 1 24- Nep Sxt Plu 2 12+

ASC Sqr Sat 0 11- Mer ssq Plu 0 17+ Mar qcx Nep 0 40+ Nod Sxt Mar 0 49-

ASC Cnj Nep 1 53+ Ven Sqr Mar 2 04- Mar Sqr Plu 1 32- Nod Opp Sat 0 34-

ASC Sxt Plu 0 19- Ven Opp Jup 0 09- Jup Tri Nep 1 15+ Nod Sqr Nep 1 29-

ASC Sqr Nod 0 24+ Ven Sxt Nep 1 24- Jup Opp Plu 3 26+ Nod ssx Plu 0 43+

Moo Sqr Mer 0 59+ Ven Cnj Plu 3 36- Sat Sqr Nep 2 03-

Moo ses Plu 1 16+ Mar Sqr Jup 1 54+ Sat qcx Plu 0 08+

Go to top of page **************[ Phoebe's ]**************

Welcome to Phoebe's astrological profile. It is written with the intent of giving parents in particular, and concerned parties in general an idea of Phoebe's character, talents, needs and wants. With this knowledge, help and assistance can be provided and with a little hope, point Phoebe in the right direction. As this is a very specific Child Profile it requires an accurate birth time.

If you do not know the exact time of birth some of the information may not be completely relevant although the overall view will still be valid. 

This profile is divided into a number of sections - detailed below - to make it easier to read and understand.

When reading this you will find both the positive and negative qualities of Phoebe defined. Most people will be happy with the positive ones. While other's may get upset with the negative ones. CONTRADICTIONS will always appear in a person. They are what gives us our uniqueness. We have tried to balance all qualities as much as possible so you get a good overview. Some children have wonderful charts while others have difficult charts and this will manifest in their personality.

The 'profile' as outlined here is not set in concrete and can be changed with your help. If the profile is positive you simply support and direct Phoebe. When the profile indicates difficulties for Phoebe, guidance, direction and boundaries will be important.

Ideally the profile is suited for any child from about sixteen months and up. That is when they will start manifesting the qualities described. If you are having this prepared for a new born child you will have to wait some time before it begins to make sense and be of value.

Below are the categories covered.

********* SECTION A *********

Go to top of page1. ESSENTIAL CHARACTER - This profiles the general trends and outstanding characteristics of Phoebe's nature, and also makes some comment on the quality of the relationship with the father. However this is not easily defined using Astrology so the section entitled 'Emotional & Feeling Nature' must be considered carefully in tandem with this opening section! Between the first two sections which deal essentially with Father & Mother there is a short section on 'The Dominant Parent'. We do not try to make a definitive judgement here but tradition states that the father is externally dominant and the mother is emotionally, or internally, dominant. The reader must make their own judgement as to which parent fits the bill best!

2. EMOTIONAL & FEELING NATURE - This shows how the more passive and sensitive side of the nature is likely to develop and also comments on the nature of the relationship with Phoebe's mother.

3. At this point we look more directly at the relationship between Phoebe and her mother.

4. PERSONALITY - This is a description of Phoebe's physical nature; and also her general approach to the world; the way she sees it; and the way she likes to be seen. For instance, does she wear rose-coloured glasses or does she view the world from behind dark glasses?  

********* SECTION B *********

1. ASSERTIVENESS -This describes how the child makes their prescence felt and if they are essentially active or passive. Do they like to push their way to the front or stay determinedly in the background?

2. FRIENDSHIP & SOCIAL ATTITUDES - This looks at how the child will get on with others. For instance, will they be a bit of a loner, have hundreds of friends, or just a few who are useful, and so on.

3. THE POWER OF THE MIND - This describes the approach the child is likely to take towards the intellectual and academic side of life and how they will respond to the rigours of education.

4. MONEY - This looks at how the subject will handle the money in their pocket or purse. Spendthrift or miser, these traits establish themselves early and tend to remain with us all our lives. 

********* SECTION C *********

1. HIGHER EDUCATION & ESTABLISHING VALUES - This section describes how the child, approaching complete independence, lays down the belief and educational framework that will sustain them through their adult life.

2. APPROACH TO DAILY WORKING LIFE - This looks at how Phoebe is likely to fare in the harsh world of work. What drive, if any, they have to succeed and how they will deal with the inevitable day-to-day necessities of work.

3. CAREER & AMBITIONS - This final section examines how Phoebe might approach the business of how to make her mark on life. What areas might be the most productive for her as she grows steadily older.

********** SECTION A **********


Go to top of pageThe Sun signifies our inner sense of identity, and our will. It is the single most important planet in our birth chart and generally describes what we are seeking to become through the journey of life, or perhaps our 'destiny'.

* Sun in Leo

The astrological ruler of those who, like Phoebe, are born under the Sign of Leo is the Sun, which blazes brighter than any other light. As a consequence, you'll be warmed by the sunshine of this child's personality from the moment she takes her first breath. She's special; and, what is more, she knows it. She will expect to be appreciated for her uniqueness as well as her talents.

She was born to exercise her sense of leadership, and will be never so happy and fulfilled as when in a position of responsibility and authority. Surprisingly practical, and extremely creative, she has the force and the application to make a soaring success of any project she's involved in - providing she's in charge, of course! And she undoubtedly is the best person to be in charge. She blends staying-power (Leo is a Fixed Sign) with the energy of Leo's Element (Fire) to produce the steady banked-up heat of a boilerhouse furnace. With this, plus charisma, charm, and just a touch of arrogance, Phoebe can - and frequently will - move mountains. But never forget she'll need an audience and generous helpings of praise.

After all this, it may come as some surprise to learn that Phoebe has a remarkably indolent side. She'll need a lot of sleep as a child, to make up for the massive expenditure of energy her ebullient personality and busy lifestyle will demand. Even when older, she'll enjoy a catnap - just like the Lion of her Sun Sign symbol snoozing after a heavy meal! The Sign of Leo rules the heart and, when older, there will be very little that Phoebe won't know about romance and relationships. Skilful at making her partners feel cherished and adored, she will be deeply sentimental and warmly loving. But she'll also be prone to jealousy - she will insist on coming first in her loved one's affections - and she may have a tendency to possessiveness. 

Phoebe is an extremely proud creature, and she has many qualities in which she can justly take pride. Generous of spirit, she's an affectionate, optimistic, dignified and honest person of deep integrity. She has a noble nature. But pride is also her downfall. Phoebe will find it almost impossible to admit she might be in the wrong, and pride combined with the Fixed nature of her Sun Sign can result in bloody-mindedness and mule-like obstinacy; everyone in the universe is wrong except her!

Her 'Achilles heel' is vanity. Her craving to stand permanently in the spotlight, and her constant need for admiration, can attract sycophantic flattery - when, blinded by conceit, she may be easily manipulated by the unscrupulous. So she isn't perfect. But who can criticise her for being cocky and conceited, when her many talents allow her to back up her boastful claims? And who can blame her for being a 'show-off', when she's the centre of attention, the family entertainer, and generally regarded as a 'star'? Her purpose in life is to make her mark with style and panache, and she is fuelled by the knowledge that she is destined to stand centre stage on whatever platform she chooses to occupy in life.

* Sun in 9th house

Blessed with the ability to see the 'big picture, this child's sense of self-identity comes from knowledge and understanding. Phoebe will seek to establish a wise and philosophical approach to life through which she is able to maintain a sense of personal identity. Highly-principled, she has a strong moral code. There will be a burning need to aim for the furthest horizons, and for mental and physical freedom. Born with an incurable wanderlust, she will probably call her piggy-bank her 'Running Away Fund'!

Go to top of pageTHE DOMINANT PARENT

In this section we are using traditional astrological rules for defining the relationship with the father. In some cases however this may well be more applicable to the Mother. Generally one or other of the parents has the strongest influence in developing a child's approach to the outside world. Traditionally this has been the father's role but it could perfectly well apply to the Mother, hence the use of the phrase 'The Dominant Parent' 

* Venus in 10th

Phoebe may well see her father as rather effete and impractical. Although she will learn a great many of her values from her father, and despite the fact that her father is probably more than capable of 'bringing home the bacon', Phoebe may still regard her father as essentially a rather weak person in terms of traditional paternal roles.

* Uranus in 10th

Phoebe will see her father as very interesting and brimful of novel ideas. The relationship will always be much more 'mental' than physical and at times Phoebe's father might give the impression of being very detached, even uncaring. On the other hand Phoebe's father is nothing if not democratic by nature, determined to reach decisions by concensual agreement, yet sometimes very dictatorial - just to keep Phoebe guessing!

* Pluto in 10th

Intense and powerful feelings dominate Phoebe's relationship with her father. Whether it has any basis in reality or not Phoebe will tend to see her father as a very powerful, fear-inspiring figure and in later life this could translate into a desire to dominate others. The positive side to this relationship is that Phoebe may well grow up with an ability to see through facades and cut to the core of a matter rapidly and thus prevent things festering. Because of Phoebe's childhood power struggles with her father she will always have the ability to understand power in all its manifestations and could well be attracted to politics later in life.


In this section we shall examine how Phoebe relates on an emotional or passive level. This is traditionally associated with the maternal relationship but we have not made such an obvious assumption and the following section should NOT be read as being primarily concerned with the relationship between mother and child.

* Moon in Aries

Astrologically, the Moon describes our responses, sensitivity, our feeling nature, and the unconscious side of our personality. It shows how we will react on an instinctive level. It shows our emotions and these, of course, will be filtered, or coloured, by the Sign in which the Moon falls. Most importantly, the Moon shows our needs. Phoebe needs her wants met INSTANTLY! Emotionally naive, Phoebe will wear her heart on her sleeve. Her trust is given freely, and she'll expect others to react similarly. She's independent, direct and forthright. She tends to be impulsive, and will frequently leap before she looks. Headstrong and volatile, her main problem will be controlling her hasty temper. Others could find her forceful to the point of being domineering!

* Moon in 6th

The Houses are different compartments of life, different areas of experience, and each House will 'colour' the Moon in a slightly different way. Phoebe is sensitively aware of others' needs, and takes pleasure in serving. She is practical and caring, and self-disciplined. With this placement, her sense of well-being is directly (and strongly) linked to the state of her physical health. Emotional balance is essential if she is not to suffer psychosomatic illness. Her diet should be wholesome and relatively plain, and a regular routine will make her feel secure. Keeping and caring for a pet or small animal would have a beneficial effect on her equilibrium.

* Moon opp/sqr Mercury

Emotional difficulties arise for Phoebe that inhibits conversation and learning. She feels more than she thinks and is not able to express what is happening so she will tend to worry and become emotionally frustrated. She feels she is not listened to or her ideas are constantly criticised so she may develop the technique of hiding her feelings. She needs to learn how to express her feelings appropriately and how to think clearly when she is being swamped by strong emotions. At school she may be shy or sensitive about speaking out and, remaining quiet, doesn't get the attention she needs.


It is important to understand that the relationship between mother and child is always 'symbiotic'. In other words the way the Mother behaves towards the child and the way the child perceives her mother is so inextricably linked that it is hard to separate the one from the other. Does the mother react to the child or does the child react to the mother? This is perhaps the original chicken and egg question, and in this section we shall try to address this issue.

This is rather a fiery relationship that Phoebe has with her mother. Phoebe can get angry and demanding rather quickly but then it dissolves just as quickly, and generally she doesn't hold grudges. She simply wants everything immediately and if it doesn't happen, she gets annoyed.... and when she's annoyed, you certainly hear about it, especially if it has anything to do with food. She needs feeding often as she burns up a lot of energy. She wants to be first in her mother's affections and will fight off any rivals for her affection, it is helpful for her to learn to share. In fact surprised if people lose their patience or temper with Phoebe, she can at times make one feel like that.

Phoebe probably expects her mother to be perfect and is quite critical of her perceived failings. By the same token her mother probably expects a great deal from her. Both need to realise that perfection is not possible and accept each other as they are. She is quite helpful and easy to get along with, having an essentially pragmatic and practical nature and one that is ultimately governed by very fine principles. Phoebe's diet, and health in general, will require a good deal of attention and will almost certainly remain a focus of attention her entire life.

Go to top of pagePERSONALITY

This section looks at how Phoebe views the world and likes to be viewed by others. No matter what our essential nature may be all of us have a 'face' that we put on for public consumption and this section describes that 'face'.

* Scorpio rising

Phoebe's Ascendant (or Rising Sign) is Scorpio. Her most outstanding facial feature will be her eyes. Whatever their colour, they will have an almost hypnotic quality, and her gaze will be direct and piercing - and completely daunting! She may be rather secretive as a child. (Even when older, she is unlikely to 'open up' fully and expose her most private thoughts to others). However, she will be expert at worming other people's secrets out of them! There may be a tendency to jealousy, possessiveness, and a need to manipulate her immediate environment. From the day of her birth, Phoebe is likely to be the tyrant of the family!

Phoebe will probably disagree with the popular opinion that the time spent in the educational system will prove to be 'the best years of her life'. How could they be, when she is motivated by the need for power and control, and the classroom provides relatively few opportunities for such qualities? Regardless of her academic abilities, Phoebe will be driven by a compulsion to excel at anything she takes a keen interest in. It is this intensity which is at the heart of her character, for beneath the surface runs a deep vein of emotion, feelings and passion. There will be no half-measures with Phoebe; nothing superficial. She has strength, determination, and phenomenal willpower, and wishes to be in control at all times. Those born with a Scorpio Ascendant are no strangers to crisis during their lives. However, their resources of strength and power must be used constructively. Crisis can only be resolved if it is met not with resistance, but with CHANGE.

* Neptune in 1st

Dreamy and sensitive, Phoebe is a highly impressionable child, attuned to the moods and feelings of others. Her entire personality will be influenced by her experiences, her surroundings, and those she is involved with. In this respect she is rather like the chameleon that cloaks itself in colours in order to blend in, and merge with the background. The fundamental principle of Neptune is to dissolve, and to negate differences. Those born with Neptune in the First House of Self are affected by this 'dissolving' quality, and individuals with this placement may suffer a life-long lack of strong self-identity. Phoebe will probably be a great day-dreamer, weaving wonderful stories in her mind, and enjoying a fantasy world where anything is possible. She will find it hard at school to concentrate on her lessons, and may lack application for such disciplines as mathematics or science, preferring (and doing well at) literature, drama, or history.

Phoebe is likely to be artistic, with a talent for dance, music, acting or painting (such artistry is often inspired by mystical visions, and subliminal influences). If other factors in her chart agree, she may be extremely intuitive - and possibly even clairvoyant. The influence of Neptune on such an important sector of her chart may lead to a blurring of Phoebe's boundaries. She may be confused and disorganised, and find it hard to distinguish between reality and illusion. And there is always a temptation, when Neptune is found in the First House, for the individual's escape from reality to be found through the medium of drink or drugs.

Phoebe will be a kind, compassionate and empathetic person, ever sensitive to the suffering of others. She will be attracted to 'lame dogs', the flawed, and those whose sorry plight will enable her to play the role of 'rescuer'. She will often wish to help the less fortunate even though it may involve the sacrifice of some aspect of herself. If this is taken to extremes, she could become a 'doormat' or a martyr, making few or no demands for herself.

*********** SECTION B **********


Go to top of pageIn this section we will be looking at the way in which Phoebe finds her way through the rough and tumble of childhood - and later life - without being pushed around by others. The methods and approaches she uses to make sure her own needs are met and how she deals with the needs of others when they are at odds with her own.

* Mars and the 3rd house

Phoebe is quick to assert herself, but this generally shows in a much more mental than physical fashion. In the school playground she is likely to be known for her lively wit, but also her ability to destroy those she dislikes with her sharp tongue. Phoebe does not see herself as having any sort of difficulty when it comes to self-assertiveness but those around her may have slightly different ideas. She is not easy to read and exactly what it is that makes her angry or cause an outburst does not seem at first glance to be at all obvious. She will have a very strong desire to have her own way but may use manipulation as her preferred method of getting what she wants and displays of temper may be more designed than expressing any real anger. It might be helpful for her to learn that some secret desires are fine but much more openness would not go amiss.

Go to top of pageFRIENDS & SOCIAL GROUPS

In this section we shall be looking at what sort of friends Phoebe needs and what she is likely to take to the friendship herself. We shall also look at the way in which she is likely to interact with social groups, or whether for example, she would prefer to be on her own.

* Virgo 11th house

Phoebe will probably choose her friends from within the work place as she will most likely be too busy for much of a social life. Her innate need for perfection in all things could make her over-critical which in turn makes it difficult for her to make friends easily. Phoebe will attain success through originality. There can be many changes in her career or in what she seeks as personal achievement. She will need the freedom to find her own path in life as will be unable to work under others and even more unable to stand routine work. Phoebe looks for friends who are successful and are achieving in life. She likes winners and seeks to make relationships or friendships with people who are getting on. Also because she is liked socially she will be asked to lead or captain many groups, clubs or sports teams.

Go to top of pageTHE POWER OF THE MIND

In this section we indicate Phoebe's communication and learning skills, her needs at school and requirements for further education. Of particular interest to parents will be how to talk and connect with her! 

There is a shy and sensitive side to Phoebe's nature, despite what may be apparent on the surface. Subtle nuances and undercurrents in the family and home environment are picked up and absorbed by her, and she is likely to be unusually close to her mother, mirroring her outlook and attitudes. By no stretch of the imagination could Phoebe be called a 'chatterbox' (although she is far more talkative when in the security of her home than outside), but she can effectively communicate her feelings through moods and responses. She may be quite emotional as a child, seeking reassurance from her family (and her mother in particular), so hugs and cuddles will be far more effective in soothing her than words. Leaving the security of her family when she first starts school may be particularly scary, and a favourite teddy or toy tucked inside her school bag will do much to comfort her!

Phoebe will always seek a wider understanding of the knowledge she gleans along her path in life, and she is a natural candidate for higher education. She may be interested in sociology, the workings of the law, in philosophy, and in learning about different races and cultures. She has a curious mind, a lively intelligence, and probably will amass an extensive library of books that cover every subject under the Sun. She may itch to travel overseas and, if this is not possible in physical terms, then she'll be a far-ranging armchair traveller. She is keen to pass on what she learns, and would make an ideal teacher or disseminator of wisdom.

* Mercury Opp/Sqr Moon

A child of fluctuating moods, Phoebe could benefit from keeping a daily journal, or diary. This will help her to pin down her viewpoint, which she is likely to change more frequently than she does her socks! Identifying a pattern in her thinking will help her come to terms with the wealth of unfocused thoughts teeming in her head. Observant, and alert to nuance, she takes pleasure in trivial chit-chat, and can gossip away for hours - often to the detriment of what she is supposed to be doing!


In this section we shall look at how Phoebe is likely to develop in terms of her attitude towards the acquisition and expenditure of money.

* Sagittarius 2nd house

Easy come, easy go, is Phoebe's attitude to money. Somehow, though, she always seems to have the happy knack of acquiring it, usually by unexpected strokes of good fortune. That is not to say that Phoebe is especially lucky - but she will be willing to take a risk, and knows a good opportunity when she sees one. Phoebe is likely to be careful with her money, and follows the precept: "Look after the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves". She will be organised and exacting in her financial affairs. Never spending lavishly or recklessly, she will budget for what she wants to acquire, and insist on value for money. Phoebe is likely to display from an early stage a serious love of money. Not for its own sake, but for what it represents to the wider world. Money is power. Money is status. All of these things Phoebe understands only too well.

************* SECTION C *************


In this section we shall examine how Phoebe is likely to find her place in society as she grows older. What standards  she will set for herself and what she values. This will probably not become clear until Phoebe has reached at least the puberty stage. With her natural sensitivity and intuition, it would be a waste of time (to say nothing of Phoebe's talents) to try to push her into rigid, formal higher education. She could display a marked artistic ability, and further education for her must help this creative talent blossom. The negative side of this placement is that Phoebe may find it hard to focus on goals and to discipline herself - other talents required in the process of education. The values she learns as a child will be carried forward to the family she'll undoubtedly want to establish when she's an adult, and the secure base she enjoyed as a child will be reproduced in her own family home. So it may be Phoebe feels she doesn't have time for the luxury of further education but it is one method by which she will be able to enrich the family life that is so important to her.

* Jupiter opp/sqr Venus

Amiable and slightly lazy, Phoebe puts having a good time very high on her list of priorities. There is a strong tendency to self-indulgence in her character, and she may also be rather vain. None of this, however, is likely to detract from her popularity! As she grows older Phoebe may have some difficulty resolving her inner self and may indulge in considerable 'debate' about what it is that makes life a worthwhile affair.

* Jupiter conj/opp/sqr Mars

Energetic, enthusiastic and assertive, this child has an immense faith in her own abilities and, as a consequence, is unwilling ever to take "No" for an answer. Should she be thwarted, her assertion is likely to turn - extremely swiftly - to aggression. Phoebe may have difficulty in controlling her temper. Phoebe may display, as she grows older, a kind of anger with the universe she has been born into. Her own value system will most likely be forged more through antagonism rather than the concept of co-operation.

* Jupiter tri/sext Neptune

Phoebe will always see the best in everything and everyone. Immensely kind and generous, she is extremely compassionate - perhaps too much so for her own good, for she is a highly-emotional person who absorbs the emotions of others, until she is hard put to discriminate between their feelings and her. Although she looks for the best in others and also inside herself she does not always put as much effort into the pursuit of the ideal world as she herself would wish.

* Jupiter opp/sqr Pluto

Phoebe will be no stranger to power struggles in her lifetime. She can be remarkably wilful, and may become subversive when she doesn't get her own way. She may believe she knows best and try to impose her will or beliefs on others in an attempt to compel them to see the 'truth'. In her desire to bring about improvement and reform, she may act ruthlessly in stripping away the existing order, which may be considered unjust by those who do not share her beliefs and attitudes. By the same token she is likely to be just as ruthless with herself. If she unearths a piece of her own psyche she feels unhappy with, that it is somehow rotten or corrupt, she will exorcise it in no uncertain terms.


This section will look at how Phoebe approaches the thorny problem of working for a living. Naturally this will not to show until her teenage years, but as with everything else, forewarned is forearmed and there will always be ways to produce the most positive outcome!

* Moon in 6th

Phoebe obtains security, reassurance, and a sense of emotional well-being from a stable routine and comforting rituals. She might find a great deal of satisfaction from working in a service industry, health-care, or dealing with the needs of women, children or animals. Phoebe may change employment frequently in her search for the right working environment: job satisfaction will be more easily obtained when she works with other people with whom she can interact, or where she can meet the public. Phoebe is likely to be drawn to one of the care-giving occupations. Organisations dealing with family concerns and working with children, may appeal. Catering, real estate, and interior design are fields that may also attract her. With her wide-ranging interests, Phoebe could be happy working in the fields of sport, travel, education, publishing and even the clergy. Since restlessness will be something Phoebe will suffer from (although perhaps "glory in", would be more appropriate!) all her life, she won't think twice about starting a new job in a new line of business the week before she is due to retire!

Go to top of pageCAREER & AMBITIONS

In this section we shall look at how Phoebe might approach the outside world in terms of possible careers and potential ambitions as she grows to maturity. Naturally these traits are unlikely to show until Phoebe is at least in her teens. Professional ambition cannot be separated from social ambition, as far as Phoebe is concerned. Attractive and stylish, she is attracted to people with good connections who can enhance her status, and advance her social progress. If it is not possible for her to develop a career of her own, she may be drawn to a successful partner who can provide her with prestige and status by proxy.

Her professional role will invariably utilise her gifts of tact and diplomacy, and her sense of good taste, in some way. Phoebe wants to be appreciated for being special. However, for her 'being special' actually means 'being different'! Whatever profession she enters, she is likely bring a fresh and unorthodox style to her professional role - or she may simply choose a pretty weird career in the first place! She may make several changes of career, for her innovative and original approach to a professional life will rarely accord with the traditional and conservative approach of the Establishment.

She will experience an often almost overwhelming desire to succeed, and will allow nothing to stand in her way. But this does not mean she will simply bulldoze her way to the top. No one is more skilled than Phoebe when it comes to recognising the need for change and, at crucial stages of her career, she may 're-invent' herself in order to achieve her aims. The child born with Saturn in Aquarius may have a unique set of difficulties to face in later life. For Saturn is the Planet associated with the past and tradition, while the Sign of Aquarius wishes to break with such tradition, and is associated with the future. Phoebe may (if she has used the self-knowledge gained from this analysis to her advantage) be able to enjoy the positive aspects of this potentially awkward astrological placement.

For instance, on an intellectual level, she will be able to accept technological innovations and radical changes in thinking (Aquarius), and make them work on a realistic basis (Saturn). Her Aquarian philanthropic dreams can be made concrete by Saturn's rolled-up sleeves of executive action. Phoebe has the potential to be a practical realist. When it comes to career issues, therefore, Phoebe will be able to add pragmatism to aspiration. Her approach to her professional goals will be well-organised, impersonal and unemotional. And although she may have to make some harsh decisions along the way, they will be made in the firm belief that they are for the greatest good of the greatest number, and will be implemented responsibly, efficiently, and without sentiment.

However, where we find Saturn, we also find fear. The biggest threat to Phoebe's confidence will come from the unorthodox and freedom-seeking side of Aquarius which may do much to destabilise the autonomy and control which will be such an important aspect of her professional life. By way of countermanding this, she may stamp her authority on her work colleagues, and clamp down on what she will interpret as intellectual rebellion. What she will perceive as the threat of independence and change may result in rigid conformity to a set of out-dated rules and regulations.

In order to reconcile both halves of this aspect of her character, and to make the best possible use of it in her professional life, Phoebe must appreciate that although change for the sake of change may indeed be pointless, change that leads to progress is, for her, the only sensible way forward. Phoebe has an exceptionally strong ambitious streak. Whatever field she may choose to make her career in, she will be fuelled by a determination to reach the highest position possible. She has managerial ability, and could carve out a successful career in most business fields. If it comes to a choice between possible career paths, Phoebe will always choose the one which offers the most prestige and status.

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