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Astrology Transit Chart - SAMPLE

This is an example of the TRANSIT astrology chart that is available from this web site.  It contains forecast information for the coming year in the following sections :


Date of Birth:  23/07/1962
Time of birth:  13:50
Place of birth: York, England


Radix MC 24 55 Leo Sun 0 14 Leo 9
----- ASC 8 51 Sco  Moon 22 16 Ari 6
Phoebe Elliott ----- Plac --- Mercury 23 14 Cnc 9
11. 27 27 Vir Venus 12 7 Vir 10
Date: 23 Jul 1962 Mon  12. 21 9 Lib Mars 10 4 Gem 8
Time: 13 50 00 2. 7 9 Sgr Jupiter 11 58 Psc R 4
Zone: 0 00 E  3. 14 17 Cap Saturn 8 40 Aqr R 3
Latitude: 53 58 N ----------------- Uranus 28 58 Leo 10
Longitude: 1 07 W  Node 9 14 Leo R 9 Neptune 10 43 Sco 1
YORK Point 0 52 Leo 9 Pluto 8 32 Vir 10
Chiron 10 11 Psc R 4

Go to top of pageAspects: Radix/Radix Orb: 5 0 

Phoebe Elliott

MC  Tri Moo 2 40- Mer ssq Mar 1 49+ Mar Tri Sat 1 24- Nep Sxt Plu 2 12+

ASC Sqr Sat 0 11- Mer ssq Plu 0 17+ Mar qcx Nep 0 40+ Nod Sxt Mar 0 49-

ASC Cnj Nep 1 53+ Ven Sqr Mar 2 04- Mar Sqr Plu 1 32- Nod Opp Sat 0 34-

ASC Sxt Plu 0 19- Ven Opp Jup 0 09- Jup Tri Nep 1 15+ Nod Sqr Nep 1 29-

ASC Sqr Nod 0 24+ Ven Sxt Nep 1 24- Jup Opp Plu 3 26+ Nod ssx Plu 0 43+

Moo Sqr Mer 0 59+ Ven Cnj Plu 3 36- Sat Sqr Nep 2 03-

Moo ses Plu 1 16+ Mar Sqr Jup 1 54+ Sat qcx Plu 0 08+

Date: 23 Jul 1962 Mon
Time: 13 50 00
Zone: 0 00 E
Latitude: 53 58 N
Longitude: 1 07 W

Go to top of pagePhoebe Elliott: 23 Jul 1962 13:50 0 00 E Year transits

         2000  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec  2001 Feb  Mar  Apr
Jup Sqr MC -r |....xXX..|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|
Sat Sqr MC -r |....|xXXx|....|....|....|....|....|.xXXXXxxxxxXXXXXx..|....|
Ura Opp MC -r |....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|.xxXX
Jup qcx ASC-r |....|....|....|.xXXx....|....XXXx.|....|....|....|....xXX..|
Nep Sqr ASC-r |....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|.xxXXXXXXX
Jup Sxt Sun-r |....|...xXX...|....|....|....|....|....|...xx....|....|....|
Jup ssq Moo-r |....|....|....xXXx.|....|....|.xXXx....|....|....|...XXx...|
Jup ssx Moo-r |...XX....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|
Jup Sxt Mer-r |...XXx...|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|
Jup ssq Mer-r |....|....|....|.XXx|....|....|XXX.|....|....|....|....XXx..|
Jup Sqr Ven-r |....|....|....|....||....|....|....|....|....|..XXx
Jup Cnj Mar-r |....|....|....|...XXXXx.|.xXXXx...|....|....|....|....|xXX.|
Jup Sqr Jup-r |....|....|....|....|..xxxxx..|....|....|....|....|....|..XXx
Jup Tri Sat-r |....|....|....|.XXXx....|....xXXx.|....|....|....|....XXX..|
Jup Sqr Ura-r |....|..xXX....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|
Jup qcx Nep-r |....|....|....|....xXXXXXXXXXx....|....|....|....|....|.XXx|
Jup Sqr Plu-r |....|....|....|.XXX|....|....xXXX.|....|....|....|....XXx..|
Sat Sxt Sun-r |....|....|....xXXXXXxxxXXXXXXx....|....|....|....|....|.xXXx
Sat ssx Moo-r |..XXX....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|
Sat Sxt Mer-r |...XXXx..|....|....|....|....|....|....|.xxxxx...|....|....|
Sat Sqr Ura-r |....|....|.xXXXx...|....|..xXXXx..|....|....|....|....xXXX.|
Ura Sxt Moo-r |....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|..xXXXXXx|....|
Ura qcx Mer-r |....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|xXXXXXxx.|
Nep Cnj Sat-r |....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|xxXXXXXXXX
Nep qcx Plu-r |....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....xxXXXXXXXXX
Plu ses Sun-r |....|....|....|....|....|....|....|....|.xxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Plu Sqr Ven-r XXXXXXxxx.|....|....|....|..xxXXXXXXXx..|....|....|....|....|
Plu Opp Mar-r |....|...xxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxx.|....|....|....|....|....|....|
Plu Sqr Jup-r XXXXXXXxxx|....|....|....|.xxxXXXXXXxx..|....|....|....|....|
Plu ssx Nep-r |...xxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxx...|....|....|....|....|....|

Go to top of pagePreface

This forecast is obtained by using the established method of "transiting" planets. This simply means that the current positions of the planets are related to the planetary positions as they were at the time of birth.

Thus differing angles are constantly created between these two, in astrological language these angles are called " Aspects ". This interpretation recognises these aspects as "challenging, positive, & conjunct". Sometimes you will see a series of dates preceding an aspect interpretation, i.e." From ......To......" repeated up to three times. This is due to the apparent backward movement of planets. In other words, a planet may well "aspect" another, then move forwards and backwards for a long period of time re-creating the same aspect several times over.

These aspects may have an influence either side of the printed time span. It is not intended that you take the interpretation as totally literal. Events may occur both slightly before and after the given times, and manifest in differing ways according to the planetary placements in the original horoscope.

Go to top of pagePlanets transiting your chart 

From about: 1 May 2000 to about: 24 Jun 2000

From about: 12 Oct 2000 to about: 12 Dec 2000


Check all travel plans very carefully, and do not get involved in any quick money-making schemes, unless you can afford to lose money on useless things. Be careful of dangerous psychic and occult practices. You have big expectations now, and if you don't put yourself out on a limb, you could make considerable headway. Avoid arrogance and bigheadedness. You could have legal problems, if you are not scrupulously honest and considerate of others. Don't push your ideas onto others who may not be ready for them, or care for them. You see the big picture now; however, if you neglect details and good groundwork, you are setting yourself up for failure. Use strictly honest methods. Avoid dealings with corrupt people and situations which bring you into conflict with the authorities. You can achieve a great deal if you are honest and careful.

From about: 1 May 2000 to about: 18 Jun 2000

From about: 18 Oct 2000 to about: 12 Dec 2000


At this time, your emotions and values are in the process of change. When this period is all over with, you will be a new personality; the way you feel about love and relationships, for instance, will be completely different. In the meantime, you may feel concern, and be under stress. Your tastes are undergoing a change, from the way you dress to the music you listen to; from your taste in interior decorating to your ideas about love. Your values, your emotions and your love life are being tested to the full now. While it's all in the process of happening, you're not quite sure what you really want. You can be very much influenced by other people's styles, but it's only because you are trying to find out what it is that you really like.

You want to be in control, and can be quite obsessed with a relationship, or just love itself. The problem is, you can't control other people's feelings. The result is far from perfect, and never worth the huge effort and sometimes heartache that's involved; not when the real thing is waiting out there for you in the not too distant future.

Don't waste your energy on someone who treats you badly, because real love is someone caring for you as much as you do for them; and doing it openly. You'll recognise it when it happens, although you may have trouble believing it. Don't try to force emotional relationships, and keep away from people who are heavily coercive.

You may be obsessively attracted to someone. Also, take extra care at this time that the person you are attracted to isn't a Mafioso type. Scream loudly if you sense situations where real sexual harassment might occur. Guard your property against thieves, and be ready to resist financial extortion, if it occurs. Minor infections, like pimples and other skin infections, are hard to get rid of while the transit lasts.

From about: 19 May 2000 to about: 31 May 2000


During this period of your life, you will feel that your emotions are in complete control, and your sense of duty is strong. You may be settling matters of importance. This is a good time to work by yourself, and to negotiate with older people. You have patience now to fulfil your desires; take strength from people, instead of constantly giving. This is a good time to start a new romance or business venture for lasting success.

From about: 25 May 2000 to about: 5 Nov 2000


Throw caution to the wind! You will never regret what you do now. Your dreams are coming true, and you may have second sight now as well. This is a good time for sea-travel, poetry and dreams. If you go with your feelings now and with what others think you could soon be entering a venture in your life that is going to be exciting and worth while to you.

From about: 25 May 2000 to about: 12 Jun 2000

From about: 11 Jan 2001 to about: 4 Feb 2001


You will amaze yourself with your powers of concentration at this time. You may benefit through older people giving you some sound advice. You will be more occupied by serious matters than you have been, and your mind will be functioning in a disciplined way, to the surprise of loved ones.

This is a good time to thrash out the details of a project you have been working on, and also to attend to practical things. You will now want to concentrate on important issues, and will prefer to be with more serious, or older people; you will realise that you can learn from them.

From about: 25 May 2000 to about: 6 Jun 2000


This is a good period for you to make plans for the future. Constructive intellect is the key phrase within your mind. You can make advantageous acquaintanceships, and conduct business negotiations which will be beneficial to you for a very long time. Signing any kind of contract will help your future ambitions; you may finish up a deal that has been going on for quite a long time. You may become more involved with buying and selling. Dealings with the law are also favourable. Your mental scope is enlarged, and you are more positive; this will not only give you more confidence, but also those around you.

From about: 25 May 2000 to about: 31 May 2000


Feelings of happiness will be with you, both physical and mentally. This is a favourable time to negotiate with superiors and civil authorities. You are persuasive, and have a pleasant sense of well-being. You may hear of a forthcoming happy event. Your associations with others are in some way expansive, and you may want to show off more, to enrich your life. You feel concern, and want to care more for others, which could surprise many people who think they know you well. This side of you may also cause some disharmony; this will take a long time to heal, if you try too hard to explain yourself.

From about: 31 May 2000 to about: 12 Jun 2000


You may feel dissatisfied in your home and work environments. You want to get ahead, but you are in conflict with authority figures. You may try to take on more than you are capable of, but calm reasoning and a little diplomacy will help you through this period. If you are thinking of changing your career, seek expert advice first, from those whose experience you trust. Don't spend too much, or go into debt. Try to be realistic in your goals and ambitions. No matter how right you think you are, try to consider other peoples' interests as well as your own. If you are being discriminated against for some reason, let spiritual inspiration and your inner voice help you through this emotional period of your life, even if you feel you have no control over the changes which are taking place. You will reap the benefits later.

From about: 6 Jun 2000 to about: 24 Jun 2000

From about: 12 Dec 2000 to about: 13 Mar 2001


Problems may arise in your career or home life. It is possible that one is in conflict with the other. You may have been neglecting your personal relationships, or you may be facing certain challenging questions about your career.

Try to face your problems with love, and an open heart. Don't be afraid of change. Examine your relationships and career; make changes according to the goals for happiness and success that you set for yourself now. Remember that this is a challenging time in your life. You will have to make many choices about which areas of your life to emphasise; do you want a new career, or to build up the one you already have?

From about: 18 Jun 2000 to about: 30 Jun 2000


You will want to be free and independent, without any responsibilities. Don't be too hasty, or you may miss a golden opportunity to excel in your chosen profession.

You're impractical and unrealistic right now. Try to seek advice from those whom you respect. If you travel, it won't be for a useful purpose, and you could experience hold ups, which will cause some irritation. You may need to express your desire for inner freedom in some way. You will need a change, but try to be patient and take the right opportunity.

You have a tendency to be tactless and to exaggerate. This is because of an inner tension, which will be released if you try to think positively, and seek good advice from those in authority. Sometimes, you need to break away and be free. If this is the case, make sure you don't throw the good away with the bad.

From about: 24 Jun 2000 to about: 18 Oct 2000


There is great energy here. If you suppress it, you will be subject to enormous inner tension. At this time, you are capable of accomplishing an enormous amount of work, and reaching your career goals. You have to strike a fine balance between allowing this energy to be expressed and controlling it, so that you don't ride roughshod over other people.

If you do that, you will meet with tremendous opposition, naturally. Live your life as usual, but don't take risks now, with strangers or dangerous situations. You will have a greatly increased sex drive, which can be terrific for a romantic relationship, but you want to avoid people who are violent or excessively jealous. Express any anger that you feel; don't let it build up inside of you. That's the way accidents and violent arguments occur. If you meet someone on a power trip, you will have to stand up for your rights, but it's best to have others on your side while you're doing it. Be aware of the energies that you possess; release them constructively and safely. Avoid uncontrolled anger and conflict.

From about: 24 Jun 2000 to about: 6 Jul 2000

From about: 23 Jan 2001 to about: 29 Jan 2001


Your health will improve if you have been feeling a little low lately. Physically and psychologically, you will be feeling good. You can have success in dealing with people in authority. You could receive good news or a gift. This is a good period, if you act positively. You will feel optimistic, acting with energy to make success for yourself. In some way, you will want to expand your life, whether through new ideas or new experiences. This can be the beginning of something new in your future.

From about: 13 Jul 2000 to about: 6 Aug 2000

From about: 18 Oct 2000 to about: 11 Nov 2000

From about: 31 Mar 2001 to about: 18 Apr 2001


Possibly because of past mistakes on your part, you seem to struggle now against personal restriction. Some kind of separation could occur, perhaps because of your own stubbornness and pride. In some way, you feel restricted in that part of yourself which is most individual and unique. You feel held back and prevented from being really free and independent. You may feel frustrated in expressing your individuality and creative ideas. You should examine yourself honestly, and ask if you are being too selfish.

Are you emotionally mature in the way you relate to others?

Are you asking for freedom with no responsibility at all? 

Do you give others the freedom you demand for yourself? 

Groups and partnerships can limit your freedom. Problems may occur in business and joint financial affairs. Some of this may be due to your own selfishness and tendency to use people. If this has been your habit or inclination, your career could suffer at this time. If your behaviour has been overly erratic or self-serving, you may be called to account for your behaviour.

From about: 31 Jul 2000 to about: 30 Oct 2000

From about: 12 Apr 2001 to about: 1 May 2001


This period will present many opportunities for achievement and self satisfaction. You are strengthening your weaker points. However, you must learn how to take control of any situation that comes your way. You may receive some recognition soon, bringing both you and your loved ones a lot of happiness. Take advantage of this, and accomplish as much as possible, for lasting success.

From about: 31 Jul 2000 to about: 18 Aug 2000

From about: 11 Nov 2000 to about: 29 Nov 2000

From about: 25 Mar 2001 to about: 6 Apr 2001


Unpleasant visitors may appear, so try to be a little tactful in their presence, to keep peace and harmony within the home environment at this time. You may indulge in needless expenditure, to impress someone you love; because of this, you may hurt their feelings, causing a lot of conflict. You may be behaving in too self-righteous a manner towards others; they will react accordingly. You may become overtly sentimental, and overindulge people who have sob stories to tell.

From about: 12 Aug 2000 to about: 24 Aug 2000

From about: 30 Oct 2000 to about: 17 Nov 2000

From about: 31 Mar 2001 to about: 12 Apr 2001


Take care not to exploit others. Serious consequences could follow. You may bring about your own failure, and the loss of much which is dear to you. Try to be patient in your dealings with the authorities, otherwise you might be in for a downfall. Guilty feelings rooted in the past will create nervous tension, and your health may suffer. Loneliness could make you feel that life is meaningless. So, be strictly honest and legitimate in all of your business dealings. You are going to raise opposition to your ideas anyway, now. If your integrity is intact, you can stand your ground. Be willing to compromise a little. Resist forcing your will onto others, and if you are being coerced, then resist with all your strength.

From about: 12 Aug 2000 to about: 30 Aug 2000

From about: 30 Oct 2000 to about: 17 Nov 2000

From about: 31 Mar 2001 to about: 12 Apr 2001


Patience is rewarded; you will succeed in property deals, or through older peoples' advice. You'll now reap the rewards after a period of hard, and sometimes lonely, work and responsibility. Your attention to duty is certain to show good results in this period. Money could materialise from unexpected sources, making you feel good all over. News of a forthcoming event will give both you and your family a lot of pleasure.

From about: 12 Aug 2000 to about: 24 Aug 2000

From about: 5 Nov 2000 to about: 17 Nov 2000

From about: 31 Mar 2001 to about: 12 Apr 2001


You may exaggerate or bluff your way through the many problems you are experiencing in this period. Be careful of underhanded people, or of breaking the law yourself. You're not practical now; your ideas are too big for the amount of finances, knowledge and other personal resources you have at your disposal. You're not paying enough attention to details, nor do you have the discipline necessary to cope at this time. Try to get to your appointments on time by allowing for transportation problems. This is not a good time to do any kind of travel, change your job, or to have dealings with schools, the church or other big institutions. You may have problems in dealing with foreigners, or if you are in any foreign countries.

From about: 12 Aug 2000 to about: 30 Aug 2000

From about: 30 Oct 2000 to about: 17 Nov 2000

From about: 31 Mar 2001 to about: 12 Apr 2001


You could be experiencing difficulties with others. Mix with new people; try to stop living so much in the past. Make sure that your own attitude doesn't bring on these difficulties. Don't be selfish, or take people for granted. Also, don't make promises you can't fulfil. On the other hand, this could be a very favourable period for learning. Even so, it is still important not to take too much for granted in your relationships. However, partnerships of all kinds are beneficial to you. This is a good time for marriage, business relationships, legal and other concerns; there may be a court case.

From about: 24 Aug 2000 to about: 17 Sep 2000

From about: 12 Oct 2000 to about: 5 Nov 2000

From about: 6 Apr 2001 to about: 18 Apr 2001


This is a good time to begin long term projects. You have a lot of excess energy, enough to add a lot of momentum to new ideas or projects. Now, however, make sure you have enough things to do, to use up all this wonderful energy; you need something which is heavily physical, and something which you really enjoy doing, as a sort of personal statement of what you do well. Try a game of football, or renovate your house.

Be aware that you're all powered up; you'd better have somewhere to go and something interesting to do. You can be very enthusiastic now. This is a wonderful time for business expansion, a big trip, or dealings with foreign clients.

Look for a job, or train for a new one; now is a good period for you. Physically, you're at a peak, but don't let your boisterous confidence lead to over-confidence, and accident or strain. You're now going through a very lucky phase.

Gambling and speculation should succeed if you go with your instincts, for this in general is a time of fortunate action.

From about: 30 Aug 2000 to about: 30 Oct 2000

From about: 12 Apr 2001 to about: 24 Apr 2001


You may spend a lot of time day-dreaming about unrealistic things. You are susceptible to disappointment now, because you are not able to distinguish clearly between what is realistic and feasible and what is false. Don't gamble now or make investments, because you may get involved with confidence men and swindlers. If your resources are low, don't take foolish risks. This is not the time to get rich quick. The only ones who will get rich are those who are taking you for a ride. You are very generous now, perhaps foolishly. Make sure that you know what you are doing, with valid facts and figures. Try to access people realistically.

From about: 17 Sep 2000 to about: 12 Oct 2000

From about: 18 Apr 2001 to about: 1 May 2001


A situation around you could be creating discontent and lack of harmony just now. There may be problems with schools, religious differences or the law. It's not a good time for foreign business and travel. Try to keep a sense of proportion, and avoid doing things to excess. You could be tempted to do something which ordinarily you would never dream of doing. Take care that you don't invite trouble, by taking on too many projects or by getting involved in get-rich-quick schemes. You may be taking too much for granted. You could have a problem with the authorities, and your credit may be questioned. Control your extravagance and overindulgence, as you could create problems for yourself and your loved ones.

From about: 24 Sep 2000 to about: 6 Oct 2000

From about: 18 Apr 2001 to about: 1 May 2001


There could be legal conflicts around you at this time, giving you cause for concern, and causing you to behave in an incorrect manner. Your tendency towards idleness and extravagance will not solve anything. Things may turn out to be more expensive than you thought, especially holidays and dealings with institutions and loved ones. There may be trouble with foreigners, in foreign countries, or perhaps in your own mind.

From about: 11 Jan 2001 to about: 1 May 2001


This is a time of major transformation in your life. You should try to recognise the need for change, and be willing to let it happen. You may be tempted to dominate others, or you may become the victim in a power-struggle situation. Take care of how you handle children during this period, and avoid harsh behaviour. Deal carefully with loved ones, as you are prone to become upset and argumentative over things which formerly you would have taken in your stride. If you

are the one who is on a power trip, try to be more flexible, and adapt to changing situations. If you are the victim, you must stand up for your rights.

You'll feel drained of confidence and energy, and may become disillusioned. Learn to relax and deal with things as they come; most of all, be willing to accept changes. Your life is being redirected. Learn to read the signposts. Recognise those people and situations which are, in reality, undermining you.

From about: 17 Feb 2001 to about: 25 Mar 2001


Your emotions are intensified, and you can be very excitable in this period of time. Acting on your own instincts could bring you great rewards at a later date. You may have an unusual experience that will include a nice surprise, furthering your ambitions somehow in the near future. You will now be craving for more emotional excitement. You will want to meet people who are unusual, and your own emotional energy and charisma will draw them to you; this may, however, cause some jealousy with loved ones. This phase will certainly stimulate your emotional life.

From about: 1 Mar 2001 to about: 1 May 2001

From about: 7 Mar 2001 to about: 1 May 2001


Your imagination is concentrated now; there are various activities you could be focusing on. Neptune rules any of the artistic professions, such as music, art or photography, as well as chemicals, institutions which care for people, and the occult. Your imagination might be caught by history or antiques. This could be a time when your dreams become a practical reality. It is also possible that something may have made you depressed at this time. Your dreams or illusions may have been touched by harsh reality; you could have been brought down to an earth which was emptier for their loss.

This may have happened suddenly, or slowly. This could be a time then, when reality reveals your illusions, or if you have successfully achieved what you wanted, you were not satisfied in the way you imagined you would be. Your dreams may now take on form and structure, and you are perfectly happy with the result. Even if you are unhappy now, other dreams and ambitions will replace those which you have lost or in which you have been disillusioned.

It is possible at this time to experience some unsettling feelings, vague fears and sometimes confusion about what is real. Saturn and Neptune represent two different kinds of reality, and you are being exposed to both. Be sure to separate the two in your mind. If you are feeling low at this time, you should try to find honest solutions and avoid self pity. Be positive. This is a good time to focus with great discipline on some kind of imaginative or artistic study.

From about: 7 Mar 2001 to about: 18 Apr 2001


You may feel disturbed because of confused and incorrect behaviour around you. You may experience trouble through others' deceit. There may be an unintentional divulging of secrets, either yours or others, or some hidden information which would change the situation either at work or home, were it to be known. This is not a good time to sign contracts or agreements, as hidden factors may be in operation. Communications in general are confused; misunderstandings may very easily occur. This is a good time to study mystical matters, but take care to remain in touch with reality, for safety reasons.

From about: 13 Mar 2001 to about: 1 May 2001


Be careful not to commit yourself to people about whom you are not very sure, because you could be deceived now. You could be deceiving yourself as well, particularly in relationships. You're up in cuckoo-land a lot.

From about: 12 Apr 2001 to about: 1 May 2001


Something disrupts your work or home environment. This could be an outside event over which you don't seem to have any control, or you yourself might be ringing the changes. Your relationship with your parents could be affected, or this could be happening in your career.

This is a turning point in your destiny, so be prepared for decisive changes. If you've earned it, it could be an unexpected promotion at work. And if you haven't, you could be getting the sack. You might be moving home, changing partners or career direction. The way you were handling your life before this period will show how quickly you will accept these good changes. 


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