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astrology forecast

Astrology Forecast

astrology forecastAstrology uses your date, time and place of birth to chart the heavens at the exact moment you were born. Knowing this it is possible to calculate the effects that each planet would have on your personality. That is your starting point or blueprint for life and is called an Astrology - Natal or Birth Chart.

Throughout your life you will be affected by the various planets and constellations as they change and move. The effect of these can also be calculated and applied to your birth chart to predict future trends and forecast when major events are likely to occur in your life.

Astrology can be very accurate, especially if you know the exact time and location of your birth.

One Year Astrology Forecast

astrology transitKnow what lies ahead either to prepare and empower yourself or know the best time to make changes in your life.

Be prepared with information on what planetary influences may affect you in the future, which can help you to make the most of positive influences and lessen the effect of negative ones.

A Forecast Chart (which is sometimes called an Astrology Transit Chart) for the coming year (or any year of your choice) is much more than the average horoscope. It is an easy to read, 8-10 page report describing each planet transiting your chart, what it's influence will be and the period over which it will be influential.

With this information you will know what influences to expect from the planets and what effects they are going to have in your life. Knowing when planets are aligned in your favour will highlight the best times for you to utilise their beneficial influences. Conversely, knowing when the planets are adversely positioned for you will also help you to minimise their effect.

See an example of the astrology transit chart.

Four Year Astrology Progression

Looking further ahead, a 4 year Astrology Progression Chart gives valuable insights for 4 Years, with a closer look at possible events in the next six months using the interpretation from your charts progressed Moon. 

astrology transit forecast

BUY Multiple Charts and SAVE $$$$

astrology transit, natalPurchase an Astrology Natal Chart with your Transit for a combined price of ONLY AUD$44

transit, natal, progressionBuy all three charts (ie Natal + Transit + Progression) for the SPECIAL price of AUD$55


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