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Energy Games - "Drama and Chaos"

Have you ever wondered why some people go through life in a whirlwind of chaos, while everyone else is just calmly getting on with life?

Things just seem to "happen" to some people more than to others. They lurch from one crisis to the next, often have more accidents or illnesses, live hand to mouth, but never really get on top of life.

While most people might experience life in small bite sized chunks (such as a grazed knee or walking home because they missed the bus), there are those who seem to get great big boulders of experience hurtled at them from out of the blue. (Broken leg in plaster and hospitalised for weeks or missed the bus, missed the appointment, didn't get the job, need a hand out to pay the electric bill!)

However, they are usually not alone in their chaos - just as hurricanes suck in anything not firmly fixed to the ground, other people are often drawn into their dramas and get caught up in the maelstrom.

Why does this happen?

Is god picking on them? Are they suffering "karma" for being "bad" in a past life? Did they get short-changed in the birth day queue?

Or is there something else that is compensating on a sub-conscious level for all the angst?

To understand what is going on we need to stand far enough back from the dramas so that we are able to see more clearly the patterns within the chaos and appreciate what is really going on and what roles are being played in the unfolding "energy game".

As in most games, there are a number of players interacting - in this case all trying to hang on to their own energy and the one who collects the most energy is the winner. However, the playing field is not level, there may be more than one game going on at the same time, there are no pre-defined teams and players may change sides as well as the rules whenever they want!

In the "Drama and Chaos" game there is usually a central player around which everything else revolves.

Sometimes labelled a Drama Queen, when things start to get really unbalanced there is usually a regularly occurring drama going on in their life and a continuous set of players who are always on hand to help out with the latest crisis. This may be a willing partner or friend, or just passing acquaintances, but there is always a supply of help to take care of the kids, make a loan till pay day, make allowances because they know they're going through a bad time and generally pick up the pieces and sort out the ensuing mess.

The energy game can start through something simple and innocuous - such as asking others the time because the queen doesn't have a watch/can't wear one/it's broken. This already creates a precedent of supplying help in times of need and at the same time is setting up possible excuses for the next drama (being late and missing out) with reasons that point the finger of responsibility somewhere else other than the queen eg "I don't have a watch and you didn't remind me what time it is".

It is usually more often a woman than a man who plays the Drama game - generations of stereo-typing of men as big, tough and strong and women as helpless and needing protection have put the triggers in place for this energy game to take place.However, it is not exclusive to women, men sometimes opting for a variation called "I'm Not Domesticated And Need A Good Woman" or perhaps "Genius/Artist/Mad Scientist And Unaware of Earthly Realities".

However, let's not think that there is just one big energy sucker at the middle of this energy game - it wouldn't happen, if there were no other players.

For example alongside the Drama Queen may be a "Stoic Wanting T.L.C", who will have a circle of supporters to make up the energy losses from feeding the Queen. Or, there could also be a number of "Doormats in the Making" - friends and relatives who have a highly developed sense of responsibility and caring and who are more than willing to jump in and deal with the fall-out from the passing hurricane. There will also be an ongoing supply of "Making Allowances" from lesser players, who will join in the game for a while until all their generosity has been used up and the realisation has dawned that they regularly get less out of the relationship than they put in. These will drift in and out of the game, as they get used up and new players are sought.

There is quite a complex interaction of players going on - but there is one important fact that maintains the dynamics of the game - there is one overall direction of flow of energy, usually towards one person in the centre. The person to whom "everything just happens" and to whom it is "never their fault".

So, having recognised that you're "in the game" what do you do to "get out of it"?

First of all, a good test to see who is gaining and who is losing is to ask yourself how you feel in relation to the other players. Overall, do you feel drained, put upon, or used by them? Do you feel you gained from them? Or does it feel balanced with equal give and take?

If you're a lesser player, one of the "Making Allowances", then it depends on how much credit you give them to start with, how quickly it runs out or how soon you recognise the game. You can start by making all interactions with them clear and not being pushed into "Making Allowances" beyond what you deem to be reasonable. Be careful, as it is very easy to go from "Making Allowances" to "Doormat in the Making" and after saying NO it might cost you something by "Feeling Guilty". Most likely at some point, you will decide that enough is enough and just leave the game, feeling a bit short-changed but also a bit wiser for the experience.

If you're a "Doormat in the Making", you need to be very, very careful and start drawing the line about how much help you are willing to give. You need to stop being the prop so that the Queen can have an opportunity to learn to take responsibility for their own actions. Teenagers are a good example of this process - the average teenager leaves a trail of debris and disorder around them, as they expect someone else to clean up after them. It is also never their fault - "the dog ate my homework", or "the alarm didn't go off", or "I don't know where the vacuum's kept". But eventually they will leave home and have to take responsibility for themselves, which means dealing with the consequences of their actions and cleaning up their own mess. Most of them will find it in themselves to do this, but of course there will always be some who will find someone else to do it for them! So, for your own sake you need to be clear about your own boundaries, so that you don't become a doormat generally (and all the games that go along with that position!).

If you're the "Drama Queen" or the "Stoic Looking for T.L.C", then it's time for a really long and hard look at how YOU interact with others and to recognise what is going on around you.

It is also important to understand that your own sub-conscious mind will create situations around you that reinforce your thoughts and words. Start to evaluate the words that you speak about yourself - do you put yourself down all the time, do you expect bad things to happen, do you reinforce that you can't cope with life or that you don't deserve anything better?

Self analysis is one key to personal growth - and I mean be really, really honest with yourself here - you can't tell yourself lies and expect your sub-conscious not to be listening!

The other key is self-love - if you don't love yourself, why do you expect others will?

We'll all go out to eat food once in a while that someone else has cooked. However, energy games are more akin to living off fast food and take-aways because we never learned how to cook or because it seems easier than making our own! We ultimately pay a big price for this approach - used up friendships, lack of fulfilment, ill health and unachieved goals.


And once you have that recipe, you can keep on feeding yourself with a nourishing diet of positive self esteem that helps you to live long and prosper.

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