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Where is our Collective Consciousness leading us?

If you think that the world is being run by a small group of very powerful people, that the planet's in such a mess because of their greed and general disregard for the ecology and well being of the earth along with it's inhabitants, then you're only looking at part of the picture. There may be wide scale corruption and conspiracies throughout the ruling regimes of the world, but the real power behind these lies within a far greater authority.

We are this world authority. We are the deciding committee - all 6 billion of us, who inhabit this earth. We are the global collective consciousness. In this global committee, everybody's vote counts. Only, in the world collective, the vote isn't just made by a cross on a piece of paper put into a ballot box, it is made through each thought and each choice made by every single individual, in every moment. And, just as in a committee, the outcome of the collective choice is shaped by the overall majority viewpoint.

Individuals, corporations, governments and religious sects only get to be in a position of power that allows them to do whatever they like and trample whomever they like, because the rest of the population let them. Whether this is because of attitudes like "I'll scratch your back, but I expect a scratch back later with interest", or "don't involve me, I've got other things to worry about", or maybe "what coup, I see no coup!" From burying our heads in the sand to avoid seeing things that we don't wish to see, through to self-interest and jumping on any passing gravy trains, our attitudes shape the governments that rule us. It also shapes the religions that "guide" us, as our belief systems find their match in the flavour of religion that mirrors them.

The world we live in now, reflects our collective choices and our collective acceptance.

It is a world that is slowly emptying of resources, that is defiled by degrees, yet we point the finger at others, shake our heads in despair or just bury it in the ground and pretend the problem doesn't exist. We give our approval by silent acceptance. And, as with most committee choices, the end result is usually one that nobody in particular wanted but wasn't bad enough that most people couldn't live with. Each person in the committee brings their own agenda, their own personal set of requirements, their own attitudes and although apparently a group, the global committee is one of individuals with an individualistic view.

Some individuals are winners, who get what they want by whatever means - persuasive by collusion, coercion, corruption, only very occasionally by conscientious reason.

There are also the losers, who despite their best efforts can't shift the consensus vote in their direction - lacking the leverage, their argument is lost to the louder voice in opposition.

However, the vast majority of people fall into the category of listeners and watchers, talkers sometimes, even snoozers, but not usually the shakers or movers. Voyeurs to the debate, they are just occupying space, and are happy to follow the herd to their fate. Their silence, their non-participation gives power to those willing to seize it.

A group of 10 people could take on one man beating another, yet 10 individuals may cross the street to avoid being involved. As individuals, the heroics get left to someone else - let them get the bloody nose for poking it into someone else's problem. We'd rather leave it to someone else to sort out or let the thug get his way. Until it comes to us one day. Then, we might be praying for a hero to give us a hand or that maybe enough people will finally make a stand.

As individuals, whatever we do, whatever we choose, whatever we voice, whatever we expect, these are what combine and form our collective consciousness. If you add together 6 billion zeros, the result is still zero. If you add together the consciousness of 6 billion people who don't get involved, who give away their choice to others and who don't speak their truth, then the balance of power will go to those who do - good or bad.

Sure, there are bodies of authority and governments who make laws and legislation, but who elects them?

Yes, there are corporations run by wealthy magnates who are responsible for ransacking the resources of the earth, but who buys their products?

Then there is global warming, climate change, pollution - issues variously laid at the doors of oil producers, manufacturing, agriculture, forestry - but who is it that drives a car, burns wood in their stove, demands cheap consumables and throw away packaging? Ever wondered what happens to your waste, to what you throw away, tip down the drain or dump by the road?

What we do, what we choose and what we accept is all part of our global collective consciousness and it really does affect our global outcome. So, if we want the world to change, then we have to change first. When there is a big enough group of people, who all think and act from a different agenda, from a different consciousness, "people power" starts to kick in. That is when the message gets loud enough for the ones at the top to notice, when it becomes too loud to be ignored and so forces change from the bottom upwards.

If you look at history, some of the major shifts in power have come about through persistent and widespread use of the word NO, used by many people to object to either injustices or abuse. The most significant and relevant example that comes to mind is of the women suffrage movement, whose efforts forced change in a male dominated society to allow women the right to vote, the right to have their say and to make their choice. (Well this is the case now in some societies, although it would seem in very few religions - but that's another soap box story!)

Our collective future is in our hands, is dependent upon our choices

If you want cleaner air, then you could choose to leave your car in the garage or you could choose a cleaner energy source to keep warm. You could look at your impact on the air that you breathe and make choices from a bigger perspective than just your self.

If you want less pollution, then you could choose to recycle your trash, use less packaging or dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly way. You could look at your waste and think about what happens to it downstream of you, about where it actually ends up, about who ultimately has to deal with it.

If you want to play your part in reducing the population, then you could choose to use contraception or you could ask your spiritual or society leaders to justify why they are actually encouraging more births and population growth?

If you want to make a difference, then know that even the smallest voice can produce an echo and where one leads, others will follow.

You have a voice - use it or lose it.

You have a choice - make it or others will take it.

You are here - leave your mark.

But, leave it lightly.


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