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The 3 Keys to Achievement 

So you have a goal, a desire, a want, a need - how do you achieve it?


Belief combines your thoughts and feelings, which go out before you, drawing those things to you that reinforce your essential beliefs.

For example - you feel worthless and unloved, walking around with a long face, hoping that someone will take pity on you. Other people "pick up" your signals way in advance, cross the road, stop and talk to the person who is smiling and welcoming. You carry on with a reinforced belief that no one cares and "happy" things happen to other people!

Alternatively, you love yourself and walk around with a smile on your face. Life feels good and everyone you meet along the way wants to stop and talk to you. You carry on with a reinforced belief that life is good and other people care about you.

Having set yourself a goal to achieve, you can just "believe" your goal into existence. If you totally and absolutely believe that whatever is needed to achieve that goal will manifest itself, then your goal will be achieved. The trick is in how well you "believe" - this requires absolute and utter conviction, absolutely no shadow of doubt, not the tiniest "if". It requires you to "know" the goal is true as sure as if you are seeing it now. It needs not just your thoughts but also your feelings aligned in "believing" that the goal already exists for you.

This is not the same as "wanting". Wanting is a lack of your goal, wanting is the belief that you don't have your goal. Wanting pushes away your goal. Did you ever get told as a kid "I want, never gets". This is very, very true!

You have to believe you can have your goal, not just want it.


Action aligns belief with the direction of the goal.

If you move towards your goal with purpose, it means that you not only believe you are going to achieve your goal but you are actually walking towards it and doing the necessary actions to help it into existence.

For example - say your goal is for a relationship with a compatible partner, someone you are empathic with, who has similar values, who shares similar goals and that has some interests in common. Belief in action would be demonstrated by first believing you are worthy of such a partner, then making a list of exactly what attributes you consider to be compatible with yours, rather than merely dreaming of the knight in shining armour or the fair damsel waiting for her prince! It would also be helped a step further, if you also put yourself in places where you might meet suitable candidates, instead of sitting at home watching romantic movies on TV.


The final step of achievement is timing. You might have a goal, which despite your best efforts, never comes to fruition. Perhaps you have an "ideal home in the country" as your goal. You spend your spare time planning, visualising, searching, but it just hasn't happened yet.

Did you ever a put a time on your goal? Did you evaluate if the timing was realistic? Without a date, it leaves the commitment as a vague idea. You've said to the universe - I'd like a new home, but not said when it is to be delivered. So if there are any other things conflicting with the "goal", it probably won't happen until they've been dealt with first. For the goal to be reached, it needs everyone's energy that might affect it or be affected by it, committed to the same direction. Otherwise, it is like a boat full of rowers all paddling in different directions! The very act of naming the date, also highlights where there may be likely conflicts that could delay your goal.


So for achieving a goal, it requires belief to bring the goal into existence, action to align the energy towards the goal and timing to fix the point at which the goal will be achieved.

As a final example, I'll illustrate this process with my 3 chooks. Every day are let out of their pen to free range. Every night I lock them in for protection against predators. They enjoy "playing out" but have got used to their "night time" routine.

When I go to round them up of an evening, if I try and "herd" them towards the pen, they usually go in every opposite direction and all in different directions. My "want" is pushing them away.

If I am too early, or sometimes if there is a conflicting interest (just got to dig up this last bit of compost) then I end up chasing them round the compost heap until they are ready to go or I am done chasing! The goal isn't reached because their energy is not going in the same direction as mine or because the timing is not right.

However, if I call to them and stride with purpose towards their pen at the right time, they will generally follow to see what is interesting where I am going. (Belief, action and timing working towards the goal of 3 chooks tucked up for the night.)


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