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Calls charged at AUD$4.95 per minute (mobiles & pay phones extra). Callers must be 18+ to use this service, provided by StreamLive

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1902 255 300

Sweetheart Angela

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Angel Readings

I am a psychic that offers a listening ear, caring heart,
compassionate nature and messages from the angels.

Clairvoyant - AngelaYour messages are delivered by a kind soul with a big heart, who will tell you who your angels are, what purpose they serve in your life, and their advice to you. Your angels are in your life to help you make the right choices, and to learn, and all I do is to interpret for you what they say. You'll never get my opinion, just my compassion, caring, and everything they say.

I can be quite detailed in my readings, and while not every reading offers names, details, dates, time frames, and descriptions, I do find that I do get them most of the time. Being raised by a natural psychic my abilities come naturally and I use no tools. I have the ability to feel your situation, to hear answers, and to deliver them to you.

Please send me one or two questions. With one question obviously I will put a lot more into it, then with two. I do not do general readings, so please send specific questions along with first names. I don't need birthdates.

You have been drawn here for a reason.
Your angels led you here for insight.
You have been led here for a REASON.

I don't waste time as I know your time is valuable to you. I care for my clients and enjoy helping.
I am a psychic that provides a listening ear, a caring heart, a compassionate nature, and messages from the angels.


I tell you ONLY what they say to tell you and not what I think you want to hear, but rather what you NEED to hear.

This is an email reading that gives you guidance to your proper path. Being raised by a natural psychic, my ability comes natural and has been with me since birth. I do not use cards or tools, but rather have the inherited ability to visualize and hear your situation around you.

Order now for help with relationships, career, or future paths.

Complete 1000 word email reading with details......AUD$200.00

Please send 1 or 2 questions with your first name and year of birth.

Sweetheart Angela



All readings and consultations are unique and individually prepared for you. 

Ordering is via a secure on-line order form, where payment details are encrypted before sending via the internet.

You will be sent notification via email, when your reading is ready along with a link and password to access your reading online. However, a printed reading can be sent to you via standard mail if you prefer - see order form for more details. 

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